Signs You Should Have A Plumber Near Me Water-Proof Your Basement | Plano, TX

Signs You Should Have A Plumber Near Me Water-Proof Your Basement | Plano, TX

Dealing with a flooded basement can be a frustrating problem to deal with. The water makes it hard for you to use the basement and can damage equipment and other things you have kept down there. But what causes basement flooding? There is no single answer because this problem stems from surface water sources, slab leaks, poor weatherproofing, downspout failure, clogged gutter, or a broken sump pump. Regardless, flooding is a plumbing issue, and as such, it should be handled by a plumber near me in Plano, TX. To ensure that you don’t incur losses occasioned by the floods, you should have professional waterproofing of your basement. But what signs is it time to waterproof the basement to prevent flooding?

When You Notice That Your Basement Has Puddles or Floods

The most obvious sign that it’s time to call a plumber near me for floodproofing and waterproofing the basement is when you notice puddles of water in your basement. This shows a leak in the plumbing and should be repaired before it causes further damage. Unfortunately, the pool or puddle of water could quickly turn into a flood. As mentioned in the introduction, flooding is a plumbing issue that could wreak havoc on any item you may have stored in the basement. Have you noticed puddles of water in your basement? Any moisture in that area might result in other problems like mold growth. Hence you should treat the puddles with the same urgency as the flood. This means calling a plumber near me to repair the sump pump or even patch the leak. Additionally, you should ask a professional to waterproof or floodproof your basement to prevent those problems from arising in the future.

Visible Mold

Mold is one of the most obvious signs of a plumbing issue in your basement. Although basement mold is relatively prevalent in homes, that doesn’t make it harmless. Slab leaks could cause basement mold beneath the basement or excessive humidity. Mold can lead to respiratory issues like coughing fits and breathing difficulties. In more difficult situations, mold can result in fungal infections, bringing on life-threatening illnesses. If you discover mold in the basement, have a plumber near me clean it up immediately.

Cracked Floors or Walls

Have you noted that your walls or flooring have cracks? The walls might crack from the pressure of contraction and expansion if left bowed for a long time. However, the main reason for the cracks on concrete walls and flooring is plumbing leaks. For instance, if there is a slab leak, that will damage the concrete and also erode the soil that’s around it. This will result in shifting and buckling of the foundation, resulting in cracks in the basement floor and walls. This is why you should have a plumber near me in Plano, TX come for routine maintenance.

Water Stains

Even if you cannot personally see the water, water spots are a glaring visual cue that water is entering your basement. Pay attention to water stains on your basement floor if you see one. Water stains on your flooring indicate that water is leaking through your foundation. Hence, it only makes sense that a plumber near me inspects the plumbing for slab leaks. Looking for stains is crucial if you recently moved to a new home. Instead of assuming that they result from a spill from the previous owner, have a professional check it out.

Musty Odors

As mentioned above, visible mold is a surefire sign of water problems in your basement. Whether from a plumbing leak or excessive humidity, it is clear that something needs to be done. Unfortunately, mold can be there, and you still cannot see it. Therefore, you should use even your sense of smell to determine whether there’s mold. Do you smell an unpleasant musty odor? That is a sign that mold might be growing in your basement. Because dampness is one of the things that create favorable conditions for mold growth, you should determine what is causing it. If it is a plumbing leak in your basement walls or under the slab, you should have a plumber near me patch it up.

Bowed or Swollen Wall

Leakages in the plumbing pipes buried in the basement walls will make the walls absorb moisture and expand. Additionally, the soil surrounding your basement also significantly impacts its structural integrity. Because soil absorbs rainwater or the water from the plumbing leaks, it usually expands and contracts. Your basement walls are under pressure as a result. Your basement walls may be forced inward by the growing earth, resulting in bent walls that are bad for the structural stability of your house. Have you noticed this in your basement? Do the walls appear wet? Contact a plumber near me in Plano, TX to inspect the plumbing for leaks. You should waterproof your basement if the problem happens only after the rain.

Chalky or Wet Walls

Have you ever gone down to the basement and noticed how shiny the walls were? Damp walls indicate moisture entry into your basement. Remember that any water in the basement is a lot of water. While wet walls are caused by water, there is another, less evident indication that your walls are exposed to water, whether from a plumbing leak or other sources. Your walls have likely been wet recently if covered in a chalky residue. have a plumber near me inspect the plumbing around your basement and repair any leaky pipes before they waterproof it. These white streaks are caused by salt and other minerals left behind when water evaporates from a wet concrete wall.

Floodproof and Waterproof Your Basement Today

Any water in your basement is a lot of water. Hence you must take all the possible measures to prevent the water from plumbing leaks from entering your basement. Contact us at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for a plumbing service to ensure your basement remains comfortable.

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