What To Consider Before A Water Heater Installation | Flower Mound, TX

What To Consider Before A Water Heater Installation | Flower Mound, TX

Wouldn’t it be great if your appliances lasted forever and never had to be replaced? Unfortunately, appliances have a lifespan, and when the maximum lifespan is reached, they won’t function as efficiently as they should and won’t work at peak performance.

Your water heater has a lifespan of eight to 12 years and should be replaced. A replacement is also necessary if the unit leaks or a significant amount of sediment builds up in the tank and cannot be flushed.

You need to consider a few things before a water heater installation in Flower Mound, TX to ensure you install the best unit for your home.

#1 What Type of Water Heater Do You Want to Install?

You have to decide which type of water heater you want before a water heater installation. There are two types, traditional tank units, and tankless water heaters, and each type has benefits you cannot get from the others.

Traditional tank units are popular because they’re less expensive to purchase and install. If you’re on a tight budget, this is your best option. Tank units also have a few downsides, including:

  • The unit must run many times a day to ensure the stored water remains hot. This will consume more energy, and your electric bills will increase.
  • If too much is used quickly, you’ll run out of hot water when the hot water supply is depleted. If this happens, it can take an hour or more for the unit to recover.
  • Sediment buildup is common in tank models, causing poor hot water pressure, contamination, and cracking the tank.
  • Tank models hold 40 to 100 gallons of water, depending on the size of the tank, and a crack could cause the contents of the tank to flood your house.
  • Tank models are large because they hold the water supply, taking up significant space in your home.

Tankless units are more expensive to purchase and install but have a lifespan of 20 years. You’d need to replace a tank unit twice during this time, so tankless models are cost-effective if you have the initial investment. Tankless units have benefits you cannot get from a tank unit, including:

  • The unit will only turn on when someone turns on the hot water and consumes less energy than tank models. They’re more energy-efficient, and you’ll save money on your electric bills.
  • The unit provides hot water on-demand, so you don’t have to worry about running out.
  • Tankless models are about the size of a suitcase and can be hung on a wall, in a closet, or on your home’s exterior, creating more floor space.
  • Tankless models don’t hold water, eliminating the risk of sediment buildup and a flood.

If you want to understand more about the pros and cons of each type of water tank, a professional in water heater installation in Flower Mound, TX can help.

#2 Energy Efficiency

Whether you go with a traditional tank unit or a tankless model, you want to buy the most energy-efficient model. The more energy-efficient the unit is, the more money you’ll save on your electric bills throughout the unit’s lifespan. In addition, you’ll qualify for rebates and tax incentives when you buy an energy-efficient water heater.

#3 What Happens to Your Old Unit?

You want to be ready for the water heater installation, so figuring out what you’ll do with your existing water heater when it’s removed is essential. It’s best to call a few professionals in water heater installation and ask about their removal policies.

Some plumbers will dispose of the old water heater for free, while some water heater installation companies will add the disposal fee to your bill. Some plumbing companies won’t remove the old unit, and you must find your own way to remove it from the house.

Buying and installing a water heater is expensive enough, so it’s best to work with a plumber who will dispose of the unit free of charge.

#4 How Much Will It Cost to Install the Unit?

You should call a few water heater installation companies to find out what they’ll charge you to install the unit to keep the installation cost down. It’s best to work with the company that will install the unit for the least amount of money, but you must ensure you’re working with a reputable company. You can determine if a plumbing service is reputable by reading the reviews from prior customers. If the plumber did an excellent job for the customers they’ve worked for, you can be sure they will do an excellent job for you.

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