What Your Emergency Plumber Thinks: Plumbing Problems That Need Drain Excavation | Irving, TX

What Your Emergency Plumber Thinks: Plumbing Problems That Need Drain Excavation | Irving, TX

Drains in households can have numerous issues that require prompt fixing for a healthy drainage system. The problems range from slow drains, overflows, backups, clogs, and burst drain pipes that need immediate fixing to avoid gross wastewater damage.

Some mishaps are easy to fix because an emergency plumber can use advanced tools to address them. The professional may utilize jetting equipment to clean clogs or high-tech tools to fix drain problems remotely without much stress.

But, issues affecting buried drain pipes that direct water to septic systems might need excavating to repair burst or damaged pipes. Before listing the drain issues that make plumbing technicians excavate the affected sections to fix them, let’s describe the drain excavation.

What Is Drain Excavation?

It is a process plumbers use to repair damaged buried drainage pipes, especially if there is no other way to fix them. A qualified emergency plumber digs a hole or a trench to access the drain lines to repair or replace them.

Before deciding whether excavating to fix the drains is necessary, the plumbing experts first inspect the drainage lines to pinpoint the affected parts. The site assessment is also a crucial step that a plumber must undertake to know the safety considerations and the tools to use for the entire process.

Afterward, the professionals prepare to ensure the process is efficient with less destruction. The plumber should consider where the excavated material will go and how they will do their final site reinstatement after the excavation and drain repairs are complete.

Plumbing Problems That Need Drain Excavation

Below is a list of plumbing mishaps that need drain excavation to facilitate repairs and replacements of the drain pipelines.

Tree Intrusion in Drain Pipes

Tree roots can cause adverse plumbing issues in your drainage system when they penetrate the pipework in search of nutrients, moisture, and nourishment. They can only affect underground drain pipes, especially those with pinholes oozing out wastewater that acts as fertilizer for plantations.

Once the roots crack the drain lines, they obstruct the system restricting wastewater from flowing freely to the sewer or septic units. Homeowners in Irving, TX can sense a problem in the drains when they experience issues such as backups and overflowing toilets and sinks that need immediate repairs by an emergency plumber.

They can also perceive the sewage odor that proves a mishap in the drain pipes, allowing sludge to leak or move back into your sinks and toilets. The nasty smell permeating throughout your home can compel you to take your family members out of your residential property as plumbing experts address the problem.

If it is hard or impossible to dislodge the roots from the surface, the plumbing expert should opt to dig out the area for repairs. An emergency plumber checks the drainage lines using high-tech or state-of-the-art drain cameras to identify the problem and pinpoint the affected section.

After identifying and diagnosing the tree intrusion issue in the drain lines, the best way forward is to excavate the ground where the tree roots penetrate the drains to remove the plant roots and replace the damaged pipes. The plumber can also move the drainage pipeline far from the tree by installing other drain lines or ask the homeowner to remove the tree.

Old, Outdated, and Deteriorated Drain Pipes

If you buy an old house, you might consider it fit to revamp your plumbing system by replacing all the old pipes or those in poor condition. The process will require excavating all the underground water and drain lines.

It is a project that requires the new homeowner to budget for new pipelines and chooses the best piping materials that guarantee durability. The new pipes should be corrosion-resistant with maximum strength to avoid having another drain excavation shortly because of replacing corroded and burst pipes.

Leaking Drainage Pipelines

Wastewater leaks in drain pipes installed in foundations or underground also require an emergency plumber to excavate the problem site for appropriate repairs. Shifting foundations cause significant destruction in plumbing and drainage pipes every time the expansive soils expand and shrink.

The continuous shrinking and expansion of the expansive soils can lead to loose connections and other damages that lead to leaks that a plumber should fix promptly. Burst drain lines also leak out a lot of wastewater, which you can tell if the problem area is soaked and muddy. Fixing this issue requires an emergency plumber in Irving, TX to excavate the section of the drain line for repairs.

Cracked Drain Pipes

In addition to tree intrusions, cracked pipes is another issue that an emergency plumber can fix using trenchless techniques in some instances or an excavation that will depend on the level of damage. There are many causes of cracked pipelines, including exposure to low temperatures that make them expand and burst open.

Prolonged clogs that force wastewater to find an alternative route by immersing immense pressure on the pipes and corrosion can lead to nursing drain pipes in homes. Hired plumbing professionals excavate the extensively damaged and cracked pipes to replace them with new pipelines.

Septic Tank Installation and Repairs

Another reason why drain excavation happens is when an emergency plumber is installing the septic system in your home. The expert has to dig a trench for the drain pipes connecting to the tanks.

In addition, the professionals excavate the ground where the septic tank is accommodated and covered with concrete after confirming the soil is fit for the septic system. They can also dig out sections of the septic tank when replacing worn-out filters, making a new leach field for wastewater, and replacing a malfunctioning pump.

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