7 Plumbing Tips Shared By A Plumber | Denton, TX

7 Plumbing Tips Shared By A Plumber | Denton, TX

Do you want to save money on your plumbing? Read this article for helpful tips on safeguarding your plumbing appliances or fixtures and protecting your home from water damage. If you have questions, feel free to get in touch with a plumber in Denton, TX.

Helpful Plumbing Tips to Protect Your Home from Water Damage

Below are helpful tips directly shared by a plumber in Denton, TX:

1. Install Leak Detection Devices

Leak detection devices are safety devices you can use for safeguarding your home and protecting it from water damage. You can install these devices near your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, sump pump or garbage disposal. Choose a device that can also automatically shut off the water supply to prevent further damage to your plumbing. Better yet, get devices that can detect fluctuations in water temperature.

Talk to a professional if you need more information about the type of leak detection devices you can install for your home. Our plumbing experts are more than happy to help you make an informed decision and install the unit for you.

2. Get a Sump Pump

Do you live in high-risk areas or areas that get a lot of storms? If you have a basement, we highly recommend you consider installing a sump pump to prevent flooding in the basement. Like a detection device, a sump pump can safeguard appliances stored in the basement and protect them from water damage. Remember, water damage can cost you a fortune in repairs, replacements and restorations. You can avoid flooding in the basement by installing a sump pump. Talk to a plumber about this so he can help you decide which type of sump pump to install for your home.

Also, don’t forget to check the sump pump first when there’s a coming storm to ensure it will work. To test the sump pump, just pour a bucket of water into the sump pit, just enough to activate the float switch. The float switch should activate the pump and drain the water from the pit. When it doesn’t, call a plumber immediately as there might be something wrong with the sump pump. We also suggest you get backup batteries just in case the power suddenly goes out. The extra batteries ensure your pump will still work.

3. Maintain the Water Heater

A well-maintained water heater doesn’t just help you save money, it can also prevent flooding in the basement. Once a year, the homeowner must drain the water heater to get rid of the sediment building up in the tank. When not removed, the sediment can significantly affect the efficiency of your water heater. It will work harder, consuming more energy. Also, when the sediment accumulates, you will have less space for hot water and you’ll start to have problems such as not having enough hot water. Additionally, the sediment can lead to a catastrophic plumbing emergency. The only way to prevent this is by ensuring your water heater is properly maintained.

Some homeowners would also consider switching to a tankless water heater as it’s more energy efficient and you don’t need to store a tank in the basement. It’s just more expensive than the standard water heater but you do get to save money down the road because of the energy savings. For installation though, do make sure you only hire a licensed plumber so that the water heater is properly installed.

4. Protect the Plumbing Pipes

When winter comes, all homeowners must take extra precaution to ensure the pipes don’t freeze. Go to a hardware store and get an insulating blanket to protect all exposed pipes inside and outside of your home. Don’t forget to also cover the outdoor faucets. If you don’t protect the pipes, the water inside them can freeze and the pipes can expand and then break. You can save money and protect your home from water damage by properly insulating the pipes.

5. Get Routine Plumbing Inspections

We keep recommending that homeowners hire a licensed plumber for regular plumbing inspections to ensure their plumbing is in excellent shape. You need this if you want peace of mind. A routine inspection ensures there are no issues that might lead to a costly plumbing emergency. Our plumbing experts will thoroughly check your entire plumbing and identify problems and resolve them on the same day. Don’t worry, we’re fully equipped so if something does come up, our team will go the extra mile to fix the problem right away.

6. Install Shut-off Valves

When there’s a plumbing emergency, the first thing you need to do is shut off the water to prevent further damage to your plumbing. This is why we recommend homeowners install shut-off valves near their plumbing appliances to make it easier to turn off the water. It’ll be difficult when the shut-off valves are stored in the basement. Talk to us if you need help with installation.

7. Don’t Ignore Issues

One of the biggest and most expensive mistakes you can make is when you ignore plumbing problems. If you suspect something is wrong with the water heater or your bill has suddenly skyrocketed and water pressure has suddenly changed, talk to a plumber immediately so that he can inspect your plumbing, identify the problem and provide solutions.

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