7 Signs You Need Water Line Repair Service | Carrollton, TX

7 Signs You Need Water Line Repair Service | Carrollton, TX

Are you puzzled about whether you need professional plumber for a water line repair? Even if the water line was initially built in a long-lasting and durable manner, it is necessary for you to be vigilant for any signs that indicate that your water line needs repair or replacement. Continue reading this article to find out the seven major signs that indicate your water line needs attention.

1. Low Pressure of Water 

One of the most alarming signs is reduced water pressure because it indicates that there may be some leakage points in the water line. A crack or blockage in the main water line can disrupt the water supply system of the entire house. This will make mundane activities like showering or washing dishes more difficult than you think.

Even though low water pressure can be caused by a problem in the municipal water supply system, make sure that you keep a strict check on the condition of your water line as elongated periods of less pressure usually necessitate repair. In situations like these, don’t hesitate and contact Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain in the Carrollton, TX area, to help you with water line repair.

2. Discoloration of Water 

This is the most obvious, yet easily ignored, sign. In case you see a brownish tint in the water after you turn your tap on, there may be an issue in the water line pipes even if the tint only appears for a few seconds. In homes that have steel or iron plumbing, chances are that the water line pipes have corroded. However, change in the color of water may also occur if there are any cracks in the water line that allow soil and dirt to enter. In any case, a mandatory water line repair is needed.

3. Increased Water Bills 

Unusually high water bills can be shocking at first and force you to recall where you’ve wasted all that extra water. If you are having trouble finding out what may have lead to increased water usage, you should instantly get a water line repair. Immediately contact a professional plumber that can help you diagnose what exactly is causing the drastic increase in water bills.

4. Water Puddles in Yard 

If you have soggy and damp spots all over your yard or lawn even though the city has only seen dry weather this season, it is likely that the water line in your house has possibly cracked at some point. Since the water line first crosses your yard before reaching your home, any leaks in the water line may possibly cause water to accumulate underneath the surface of your lawn. This will initially make your yard look a lot greener because of all the extra water supply. But don’t let this confuse you as these green patches will soon turn into puddles here and there.

5. Rust on the Water Line Pipes

If you have recently noticed green spots or white chalky deposits around your water line pipes, it is time for you to get a water line repair. The pipes are often made up of copper which is a metal likely to be affected by rust and corrosion. Since oxidation happens over a long period, this sign indicates that your water line is too old and needs replacement.

6. Gurgling Sound in the Toilets 

Annoying water sounds such as bubbling, dripping and cranking in your toilet is a clear warning that you should get water line repair. This can be due to the blocked sewage water lines that may also cause the water to back up into the sink or bathtub every time you flush the toilet – resulting in bad odor as well. Therefore, if you hear a gurgling sound in the water sinks and taps despite there being no obvious shortage of water supply from the main line, don’t ignore it and promptly call Bluefrog Plumbing of North Dallas, TX to solve your plumbing problem.

7. Cracks Appear in the Foundation 

The moisture levels increase dramatically after water leakages in the water line pipes. And since concrete readily absorbs water, you are likely to see cracks appear in the foundation of your house or damp stains on the walls and ceilings.  Take action as soon as you notice this sign because if moisture remains for too long, it will weaken the structure of your house that will incur extremely high repair costs.

How Did it Happen? 

While most water line problems usually stem from lack of maintenance, many other reasons may also be responsible. Some of the most common ways water lines can get damaged are:

  • Rodents and pests affect underground pipelines
  • Tree roots clog water lines
  • Pressure changes in water supply weaken the pipelines
  • Excessive digging for plantation or construction purposes causes cracks in water line pipes
  • Outdated and old water pipelines
  • Environmental reasons
  • Pulling or hanging on to water pipes

Take Action! 

We understand that even a single day without water can be problematic. Therefore, immediate water line repair in Carrollton, TX should be in order in case of any form of damage or problem. Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, TX provides fast track plumbing solutions 24/7 in the Carrollton, TX area.

Call them at 469-327-8784 to avail a free diagnostic service! The licensed team of professionals at Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain delivers quality and affordable services at your doorstep and makes sure that water line repairs are no longer a hassle for you.

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