Signs That You Need A Slab Leak Repair | Richardson, TX

Signs That You Need A Slab Leak Repair | Richardson, TX

A slab leak is an industry term used to describe the leak that has developed in the copper water lines located below the concrete foundation of your home or commercial space. When these leaks occur above ground, they are called pinhole leaks. Regardless of the location, the main culprit is erosion in the copper pipes.

Slab Leak Repair Require Expertise of a Plumber

Slab leaks are located on the pressure side or the drainage side of your foundation. If it is located on your pressure side, the area will need to be unearthed. A slab leak repair is complex, and an ambitious but inexperienced contractor can cause additional damage. If the slab leak repair is on the drainage side, the expertise of an experienced plumber is even more important since spotting them can be a bit more difficult. The unique hazards of a slab leak are they can stay undetected. Slab leaks can leak for months, causing water damage to the surrounding area and your foundation to eventually collapse if not remediated. To prevent this from happening, it is important to inspect your plumbing regularly and have a slab leak repair initiated.

Leaving a potential slab leak unattended can lead to much larger problems such as mold damage, a termite infestation, or a compromised foundation. Here are the signs to look for.

Slab Leak Repair: Leak Detection

Most slab leaks are caused due to poor installation. It is not unusual for some materials to get banged up when a home is constructed. However, some builders – due to rushing to meet a deadline or just carelessness — will install pipes that are structurally compromised. These will cause problems in the long run. Also, if the copper pipes are not installed correctly, there’s a chance that they won’t function properly once an entire house is sitting on them.

Sometimes, slab leaks happen because the house shifts over time. Some contractors may underestimate the amount of pressure that pipes located in the home’s foundation will experience. Too much pressure can easily take a toll and require a slab leak repair. There’s also an issue with abrasion. Pipes naturally contract and expand with fluctuating temperatures, especially in temperate zones in Texas. This contracting and expanding of the pipes might cause them to rub onto each other until they eventually wear down.

As mentioned, sometimes it is difficult to detect an actual slab leak as a homeowner. However, there are peripheral signs that you should look for that might signal a leak. If you experience any of these signs, call us for inspection.

A sudden, unexpected spike in your water bill: Any leak in your home’s plumbing comes with a high-water bill. If nothing has changed in your family’s water usage in the past couple of months, but you suddenly see a large water bill, then your pipping might be compromised and there is a leak somewhere.

Water pooling in areas it shouldn’t:  A slab leak will cause water to pool under the home’s foundation and surrounding area. Be wary of water that seems to be pouring out from the outside of your home, sudden pools of water in your yard, and unexplained soggy soil. The water can also pool indoors, with the kitchen and bathroom floors being most affected.

Damp carpet and soggy hardwood flooring: Soggy carpets and hardwood that give under pressure or seem waterlogged, are a chronic issue and is a sign that the slab leak has spilled far beyond your home’s foundation. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain immediately for a slab leak repair.

Unexplained mildew or mold: Once the water from the slab leak reaches your flooring, then mold and mildew will start to develop in and under your carpet. The damp drywall will also lead to mold. Sometimes the mold might not be visible – you might smell a musty odor with no identifiable source.

A decrease in your water pressure: When water is escaping your pipes due to a hole, then you will experience less water pressure.

When to Contact Us for a Slab Leak Repair in Richardson, TX

There are few plumbing issues that a homeowner might encounter that present more difficulty than a slab leak repair. These leaks are difficult to locate and even more difficult to reach. Even for savvy homeowners who feel comfortable meddling with their plumbing system, a slab leak repair is best left to the professionals. Slab leak detection is a specialty field in itself. When a professional plumber visits your home for leak detection, one of the first things that they will do is determine the basic layout of the pipes and look for various entryways and clues regarding the slab leak. The skilled plumber can narrow down the leak location — that’s less time wasted and less money used haphazardly.

Do not lull yourself into believing that you will never need the expertise of a plumber. Even as a skilled home repairer, you may need to call on a professional from time to time, especially when it comes to plumbing emergencies like slab leaks. Call a plumber if you notice any signs of slab leaks. This includes low water pressure or an intermittently performing water heater.

We have the water leak detection equipment that allows our engineers to pinpoint the location of the leak. Our equipment is sensitive and accurate, leading our plumbers straight to the source of the leak with minimal disruption to your home’s foundation and surrounding area.

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