7 Myths About Drain Cleaning in Carrollton, TX

7 Myths About Drain Cleaning in Carrollton, TX

Drain cleaning is an important plumbing maintenance job in every house. We all have faced a clogged drain at some point in our lives and it is inarguably one of the most frustrating situations to be in. Clogs cause not only water drainage issues but some more serious problems as well. Some of such problems include water leakage damage to other components of your plumbing system.

Drain cleaning isa serious and very common concern and should be given its due importance. However, some of us carry myths about the job that give rise to more critical problems and sometimes higher expenses as well. If you try to get hold of the situation on your own, keep reading. If you 

Think drain cleaning does not require a professional, think again, we are here to bust that myth too.

Here are 7 common myths homeowners in Carrollton, TX have about drain cleaning. Debunking and addressing many of these widespread misconceptions will help you get the most out of your plumbing system and will help prevent future headaches.

Drains Only Need To Be Cleaned When Clogged

This one undoubtedly makes it to the top of the list of misconceptions. Here in Carrollton, TX, most people believe that they need drain cleaning only when their drain has a clog, buildup, or a leak. There is hardly any concept of regular maintenance or inspection.

Homeowners often fail to understand the importance of plumbing maintenance in their house. Our ungratefulness regarding a smooth plumbing system hits us when we are put through a situation that disrupts our routine life.

Regular maintenance is a preventive measure that prevents critical issues from showing up. And failing to recognize the importance of this key step is usually what gets the drains in trouble in the first place.

All Drains Work the Same Way

Most homeowners think that all drains function the same way. All drains do lead to the same spot, which is the sewer, but this does not mean that they all work the same way. This myth often leads to homeowners handling the issue improperly.

For instance, my dad once called a plumber over to solve a drainage problem in our house. My dad very diligently watched the entire process and conveniently thought that this same solution could be applied to every drainage problem. So, the next time we had a drainage problem, he used the same tactic and, guess what, the problem became much worse.

All drain pipes have different structure and mechanism; hence, they need to be dealt with differently from one another.

Snaking is the Ultimate Solution

Relying on drain snakes is another very common mistake. We agree they often work and help you find a clog but there are times when they don’t. This is where a professional plumber in Carrollton, TX should step in. You should contact bluefrog Plumbing of North Dallas for the best plumbing services in town.

Drain snaking is only a temporary way of unclogging a drain. You might face a clogged drain soon after repairing it.  Professionals use more advanced techniques and tools that help you wave goodbye to such issues for a longer period. Some of the clogged drains may even require high pressured machine that unfortunately most homeowners don’t have access to.

A Plumber is a Plumber

Most homeowners believe that all plumbers carry the same knowledge and expertise and do the same job and this is simply not true.

In fact, drain cleaning is best done by licensed plumbers that also provide septic service. They carry the appropriate equipment and tools to do the job. We advise you to ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives before you call someone who is seemingly an expert to share their experience. Chances are – their messy problem was best solved by a real professional. And not an eager DIY-er.

Drain Cleaning is a DIY Job

If you think a YouTube tutorial can teach you all about drain cleaning, think again. It may have worked once – but do you really want to entrust the safety of your house, and the health of your drains to a YouTube tutorial? Not all drainage issues are the same. Big jobs like this require someone with a set of professional skills and knowledge.

Handling the situation yourself is not only a waste of time but has other disadvantages as well. For instance, you may hurt yourself, damage the pipelines or the entire system for that matter. Let people with the knowledge and expertise do the job.

Professional Plumbing is Costly

The thing is if you don’t use professional services chances are you will end up putting a deeper dent in your pocket.

bluefrog Plumbing of North Dallas offer services at the most reasonable prices. They’ll do the job right and help you get rid of the issue once and for all. They will ensure that you don’t face any serious problems in the future. Not entrusting a trained drain cleaner can make matters worse. 

A Chemical Drain Cleaner is All You Need

Most homeowners don’t realize how hazardous these chemical solutions are. Seeing them at a local supermarket may lead you to think they are mainstream, and safe to use. What they fail to do is research the product. Improper use can have adverse reactions to your health and the health of your drainage system.

Most of these cleaners have ingredients that can eat away your pipelines, causing permanent damage to the entire system. Call a professional plumber in Carrollton, TX to save money and stress.

We hope we have successfully busted all your myths regarding drainage systems. The next time you require any plumbing service in Carrollton, TX, trust bluefrog Plumbing of North Dallas to do the job right. Call them on 469-327-8784.

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