6 Serious Problems: It’s Time To Call An Emergency Plumber | Irving, TX

6 Serious Problems: It’s Time To Call An Emergency Plumber | Irving, TX

A plumbing problem can arise at any time and can make life in your Irving, TX home challenging. You rely on your plumbing system from the time you wake up until you go to bed; therefore, plumbing issues are very inconvenient.

Many plumbing problems can wait until you can get an appointment with a plumber; however, some issues are more serious, requiring a call to an emergency plumber.

The problems listed below are considered emergencies, and you should call an emergency plumber immediately.

#1 No Water

A lack of running water is a serious problem because you need running water all day long, and you may need to call a plumber. Before making the call, check your records to ensure your bills have been paid and the service hasn’t been disconnected. You should also check with a neighbor or the water company to rule out a widespread water outage.

If everything checks out on your end, it’s time to call an emergency plumber. A few issues can prevent water from flowing from the faucets and showerheads, including:

  • A problem with the water main
  • A significant leak in the plumbing system
  • A considerable clog in the pipes
  • Rusty or corroded pipes
  • Frozen pipes

Because so many problems can cause a lack of water in your home, you will need a licensed plumber to find the problem’s source.

#2 Clogged Drains

As careful as you are with what you put down the drain in your home, grease, food, hair, and soap scum can clog the drain. A minor clog will cause the water to drain slowly, which isn’t an emergency because the water still drains. However, if the drain is clogged completely, you can’t use the sink or tub until the clog is removed, and you will need to hire a plumber.

A plumber can use a drain camera to find the clog’s location and determine the size, helping them choose the best way to remove the entire clog safely.

#3 Leaks

Plumbing leaks are serious because a leaking pipe wastes a significant amount of water, which is harmful to the environment and will cause your water bills to increase. In addition, a leak can reduce the water pressure coming from the taps in your Irving, TX home. Finally, plumbing leaks can cause significant water damage and mold growth and requires a call to an emergency plumber.

Leaks under the sink are easy to detect because you’ll see standing water when you open the kitchen cabinet or bathroom variety. Unfortunately, clogs in other areas can be more challenging to detect. Leaks behind the wall can create water spots on the wall or ceiling. Leaks under the house are even more difficult to spot and can cause puddles in the yard or a warm basement floor. If the pipe has been leaking for a while, it could cause damage to your home’s foundation. In some cases, the only sign of a leak is higher water bills than usual.

An emergency plumber can use leak detection equipment to quickly find the leak’s location, preventing the issues associated with a plumbing leak.

#4 Water Heater Problems

The water heater in your home is technically an appliance, but it is also an integral part of your plumbing system. If the water heater isn’t working correctly, it can affect the temperature of the hot water and your ability to use hot water. You need hot water to perform everyday household tasks; therefore, you should call a plumber if your water heater experiences any of the problems below.

  • You have no hot water.
  • The water isn’t getting hot enough.
  • Poor hot water pressure
  • Rust-colored hot water
  • Strange sounds coming from the unit
  • Moisture or leaks around the unit
  • You frequently run out of hot water.

A plumber can inspect the water heater to figure out what is causing the problem to make the necessary repair. If they determine the problem cannot be repaired, the emergency plumber can install a new water heater, and you can start using the hot water again.

#5 Clogged Toilet

Toilet clogs are common and occur when too much toilet paper and waste are flushed. The toilet can also clog if something was flushed that shouldn’t have been, such as baby wipes, paper towels, or a child’s toy.

In many cases, a plunger will break up the clog enough that it can be flushed; however, if the clog is too large, too solid, or located too far down the drainpipe, the plunger won’t work. You won’t be able to use the toilet until the clog is removed, which can be frustrating, especially if you only have one bathroom in your home. A toilet clog is considered an emergency because you can’t use a clogged toilet, and you should call a plumber.

The plumber can use a drain auger to break up the clog enough that it can be flushed. If the auger doesn’t reach the clog, the emergency plumber will disconnect the toilet to reach and remove the entire clog.

#6 Frozen Pipes

Winter days in Irving, TX are relatively mild; however, the temperature drops at night. If the temperature drops below freezing, your pipes can freeze, and you will need to call a plumber.

When the pipes freeze, the water inside freezes and expands, which can cause the pipes to burst, resulting in a significant flood that can damage your home and belongings.

An emergency plumber can thaw the pipes quickly and safely to prevent the pipes from bursting. They can also wrap the pipes in heated tape to prevent the pipes from freezing the next time the temperature drops below freezing.

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