Dangers Of Neglecting Drain Cleaning | Carrollton, TX

Dangers Of Neglecting Drain Cleaning | Carrollton, TX

Your home’s drainage system is the backbone of seamless life and hygiene. It not only forms the most important part of your plumbing system by getting rid of the wastewater from your home but also supports the cleanliness and comfort of your house. Imagine walking into the shower after a long day of work and finding that the drainage system does not work. Or going to the toilet and the flushing system does not work. Your day gets longer since you must look for an expert to help you with a problem that you only realized in the night. Therefore, to avoid all these scenarios, it is advisable to have your drain cleaned regularly by qualified personnel.

Additionally, it is important to note that you should have your drainage cleaned by companies offering extensive drain cleaning services and those that are qualified. This is to avoid damaging your drainage system or putting yourself at risk by trying to do it. Therefore, get a professional service provider you can trust to maintain your drainage system at optimum condition. This article will highlight some of the things you might face if you fail to get your drains regularly cleaned.

Frequent Drain Clogs

Since your drainage system is the main system that disposes water from your home, many things tend to find their way there. These items will include food particles, hair, fats, soap scum, and greases. They flow with the water from either your bathroom or kitchen to meet up and accumulate in the drainage system. The accumulation thus blocks your drainage system, and when this happens, there is no way through for the wastewater from the house.

Therefore, when you pour anything down the drain, even clean water, it will back up towards your home. Although a plunger can salvage this situation, it is only a temporary fix to a bigger building problem. However, the good news is that you can solve this problem by acquiring regular drain cleaning services, which will enable you to thwart any clogs in the development stages. In turn, having these services at your disposal will greatly reduce your chances of having to change your drainage system completely.

Nasty Smells

Since dirty drains provide the perfect environment for thriving bacteria and other microorganisms, they are also susceptible to causing bad smells. When bacteria break down, it leaves the organic matter in the drainage system. Therefore, the organic matter festers to produce a foul smell once you pour wastewater down the drain.

Although the nasty smell might start small and unrecognizable, it will eventually get into your home. Unfortunately, by the time this smell finds its way into your house, it is too far gone, and there is not much you can do therefore leaving your home with a lingering bad smell. Although some people use air fresheners and open the windows as a temporary solution, the only way to solve this is by addressing the root cause of the problem.

On the other hand, since unattended drainage systems harbor pests and parasites, your house will have irritating moving items such as fruit flies, cockroaches, and flies. Apart from causing serious health conditions, these components will make your home seem unclean. Therefore, having regular professional drain cleaning services will eliminate any foul odor from your drains, leaving your house smelling clean and fresh and looking presentable. The main advantage of professional drainage cleaning service providers is that they have the necessary equipment and skills to clean your drains efficiently and safely.

Property Damage

Full-day drainage blocks are a sign of neglect for your Carrollton, TX home’s drainage system. It means that the debris and dirt from components that find their way into the drainage system have had enough time to gather and accumulate, closing the pipes slowly by slowly till there is no more passage for water.

Unfortunately, the slow accumulation of these components opens up a conducive environment for corrosion of the pipes. Therefore, in time, your pipes will start having leaks which open your house to another set of problems. Leaking drains, especially those inside slabs or walls, are extremely dangerous since they weaken the foundation of your house. Eventually, the leaking pipe will have a counteractive effect causing a crack in the foundation of our house and, if not attended to, a crumble of the whole structure.

However, you can prevent all this by acquiring professional drainage cleaning services that keep your drainage system working seamlessly and thus minimizing the risk of pipe leaks. Consequently, a professional drain cleaning service will help you maintain the value of your home by avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Poor Health

The main purpose of having your drainage cleaned regularly is to avoid neglecting your Carrollton, TX home’s drainage system and get rid of accumulating components. Therefore, a lack of regular drain cleaning will lead to a neglected drainage system. The system, therefore, provides a perfect environment for harmful microorganisms to thrive and multiply.

These microorganisms, such as bacteria, later find their way through the drainage system and into your house, posing health problems to your family. Additionally, a neglected drainage system harbors pests and parasites such as coach roaches that can bring many types of illness back into your house. Therefore, the lack of seeking professional drain cleaning services makes your house a breeding zone for illness, posing health issues for your family.

Reduced Plumbing System Lifespan

A plumbing system is, in reality, extremely durable. However, the durability of your Carrollton, TX home’s plumbing system is dependent on three major factors, the quality of the system you buy and the maintenance accorded. A plumbing system should serve you for between 50 and 80 years, depending on your quality.

However, the lifespan can be greatly reduced when you neglect your drainage system by not giving them the necessary drain cleaning services. Due to lack of maintenance, your pipes will undergo corrosion quicker. Additionally, the pressure build-up in the pipes due to clogging may cause pipe joints to deteriorate more rapidly. Therefore, getting your drainage cleaned regularly is crucial to protect your drainage system and enhance the plumbing system’s life span.

Thorough Drain Cleaning Services In Carrollton

Getting regular professional drain cleaning services for your home plays an important role in its integrity and the comfort of those living in it. It ensures that your house is more of a home where you can spend time with your loving family and a place to look forward to going to after a long day of work. Do you need drain cleaning services? Call us at Bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today.

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