Why Do I Need a Water Softener in North Dallas?

Why Do I Need a Water Softener in North Dallas?

The water here in North Dallas varies significantly depending on the neighborhood and area. Some homes may have soft water whiles others have hard. There are too many variables to determine exactly who deals with hard water and soft water.

Thankfully, hard water is something you can deal with. You have options, such as a water softeners, to handle the excess calcium and other minerals found in the water supply. If you are tired of your clothing and fixtures being covered in a nasty residue, consider a water softener. It’s an investment that can make a huge difference.

Reasons for a Water Softener
First and foremost, you should know that a water softening system is designed to increase the lifespan of your plumbing system, including the hot water heater and your clothing, too. However, the one disadvantage is that a water softener system uses quite a few gallons of water per day. You’ll still save money in the long-run, though.

Here are a few reasons to install a water softener in your home:

Better Skin and Hair – Hard water is known to cause dry skin and tangled, rough hair. The minerals in the water settle on your skin, leading to an itchy and dry feeling. Furthermore, hard water blocks your spores, causing inflammation, rashes, and itching along your arms and legs. A water softener will prevent issues like these.
Avoid Scale Buildup – If you have water-based appliances, such as a dishwasher, you may notice a gross scale buildup forming inside. This buildup is caused by your hard water. It will appear tough and chalky. A water softener will significantly reduce this from ever happening, leading to more efficient appliances in your home.
Stronger Glassware – Hard water will lead to unsightly stains on your glassware. Hard water can even weaken your glassware. If you would like to avoid replacing costly glasses and dishes, it is time to handle your hard water problem.
Avoid Stains – No one likes the look of a stain. Over time, hard water will lead to stained clothes, fixtures, bathtubs, and more. The calcium and magnesium in the hard water remain behind after you use tap water. Then, the deposits begin to harden and form a crust over just about everything in your home.
Plumbing Efficiency – Lastly, hard water is known to directly cause issues with your home plumbing system. Copper and PVC pipes are strong and efficient. However, they can suffer low water pressure, which can be costly and bothersome.

If your home has a hard water problem, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas by calling 469-214-2582. We provide exceptional water softener solutions designed to handle your hard water troubles in the most efficient manner possible. Live better and healthier with clean, refreshing water for the entire family. Give us a call today for top-rated service!

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