Three Reasons to Get a Water Filtration System in North Dallas

Three Reasons to Get a Water Filtration System in North Dallas

Clean water can directly affect your health and that of your entire family. Today, most people tend to drink chlorine-treated water from the city’s facilities. This water supply, despite being drinkable, contains harmful bacteria, chemicals, and potentially other contaminants.

You deserve better. Your children deserve better. It makes a difference what quality of water you put into your body. Go for the best!

Reasons to Get a Water Filtration System
Low-quality water can negatively affect your health while high-quality water will give you the boost you need to succeed each day.

Here are three fantastic reasons to get a water filtration system in your home:

Reduced Risk of Disease – The overwhelming amount of chemicals, toxins, and contaminants entering your unfiltered tap water is reaching new heights. These contaminants, though inconclusive, may lead to various types of diseases. For instance, chlorine and ammonia are known as carcinogens, which increase the risk of cancer.
Cost-Effective – A whole-home water filtration system is a cost-effective investment in your home and health. First, you’ll spend less money on bottled water, which could be hundreds of dollars per year. Secondly, you’ll spend less time at the doctor’s office, treating stomach ailments, headaches, and other concerns due to contaminated water.
Water Supply – A whole-home water filtration system will treat all water entering your home, not just what you drink. You’ll enjoy more efficient showers, better overall hygiene, and less soap scum in the bathroom.
Types of Water Filtration
When the time comes to invest in a water filtration system, know that there are multiple types of available units for your home. For instance, you could choose from:

  • Activated Carbon – One of the most common and cost-effective water filtration solutions, activated carbon is typically installed underneath the sink.
  • Cation Exchange – Also known as an ion exchange water filter, this system utilizes positively-charged ions to attract negatively-charged ions, such as barium or calcium.
  • Reverse Osmosis – The most effective home water filtration system, reverse osmosis, passes your water through a membrane using increased air pressure. The waterborne contaminants are then filtered via the membrane and out of your water supply.

Healthy water means a healthy home. Start this year off right with a FREE in-home water analysis from the experts at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas. We offer whole-home water filtration systems for the homeowner who wants clean, healthy drinking water year-round. Give us a call at 469-214-2582 to take advantage of this limited time offer!

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