The Benefits of Pipe Winterization in North Dallas

The Benefits of Pipe Winterization in North Dallas

Winterizing your home for the cold months is a crucial step in planning for unforeseeable disasters. Whether you are leaving for on vacation or simply want to avoid water damage, it is wise to prepare your home for winter weather.

Even here in Texas, we occasionally experience snowfall and freezing temperatures that can wreak havoc on the neighborhood. A home that is properly prepared, especially when it comes to protecting the plumbing system, can survive without considerable damage year-round.

Steps to Winterize Your Plumbing
You want to begin the winterization process with your home’s plumbing supply. It’s easy to forget about a step, miss a pipe, or purchase the wrong type of insulation. Therefore, you want to be diligent in your winterization efforts. Consider making a checklist.

As you complete each step, mark off the item in question. Then, once you’re done, you can ensure that you were thorough in your winterization efforts.

How to begin pipe winterization:

  • First, shut off the main water valve. Then, turn off the water pump and water heater. You’ll protect the heating elements of the water heater when there is no water accumulated inside.
  • Open the drain valves and taps around your home. Make sure all taps are open. A closed tap will create a vacuum that prevents water from escaping the pipe.
  • Use an air compressor to remove excess water inside of the pipes.
  • Open the drain valve on the hot water heater and let is empty completely. Be careful; many hot water heaters do not have floor drains, so you’ll require a garden hose to prevent water damage or flooding.
  • Flush your toilets to remove as much water as possible from both the tank and toilet bowl.
  • Check your sink and tub drains for drain traps.

Benefits of Pipe Winterization
Protecting your home’s plumbing system is critical during the winter. By taking the above steps to winterize your plumbing, you’ll effectively prevent standing water, flooding, and significant property damage to your home. That’s not to mention avoiding the long-lasting effects of water damage, including reduced indoor air quality and mold growth in the walls, underneath the flooring, and overhead in the ceiling.

When a pipe freezes in a residential home, it often bursts. The water inside the pipe expands significantly as it freezes. From there, the pipe material will split completely. A burst can often lead to hundreds of gallons of water deposited into your home. The resulting water damage from a frozen pipe can cost thousands of dollars, if not much more, to repair and restore.

Prevent the damage altogether. Take steps today, or call an experienced plumber, to avoid such an overwhelming situation in your own home. For frozen pipe and burst pipe repair, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas at 469-214-2582. We are here for our community during the coldest times of the year.

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