Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes in North Dallas

Tips for Preventing Frozen Pipes in North Dallas

Winter isn’t even here yet and North Dallas has already seen their first freeze of the 2018 season! With freezing temperatures comes hats, scarves, boots and jackets, but also icy roads and frozen pipes.

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, we want you to stay safe. We recommend that you always listen to the weather news and stay alert of any possible freeze warnings in your area. Always bring a jacket with you and drive carefully – especially over bridges.

Just as you need protection from below freezing temperatures, your home needs protection as well. Dealing with frozen pipes in your home is an inconvenience. Not only do you have trouble with your water, but your home is at major risk for a water damage disaster should the pipe burst. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do in an effort to avoid this, and while our temperatures are nowhere near what other states in the north face, freezing is pretty characteristic of our winters in the North Dallas area.

Here are some tips for preventing frozen pipes in your North Dallas property, according to the experts at The Balance.
Never Turn Your Heat All the Way Off
Many people who are planning on traveling this holiday season make the mistake of turning their heat all the way off in their homes while they are away. While it may sound like a good option – who needs a warm, cozy home if they’re not there no enjoy it? – in doing this, their uninsulated pipes inside will need to thaw before they can be used again! Even if you’re traveling for the holidays, never turn your internal heating below 50 degrees.
Add Insulation to Your Piping
Even though pipes in your attic and crawlspaces are not technically outdoor, they might as well be! With little to no access to your home’s heat, these pipes are likely to freeze if insulation is not added to the area in question or to the pipes themselves. Reinforce the insulation in these areas to conserve heat. You can also have those pipes fitted with foam rubber or fiberglass sleeves.
Open Interior Cabinet Doors
In your home, you have many pipes underneath sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen. You may not think that this would have a major impact, but periodically opening these cabinet doors and allowing the warm air inside your home to circulate underneath could mean the difference between a frozen pipe burst inside your home, or ice blockage-free ones.
Keep Your Garage Door Closed
Do you have pipes or important components of your water supply stored inside of your garage? If the answer is yes, you want to be especially diligent this winter about closing your door when you leave and return home. That cold, icy air on your piping for an extended period of time will cause freezing quickly, and will be the last thing you will want to deal with right before the height of the holiday season.
Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain for Any Frozen Pipe Mishaps
At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, we make it our mission to help residents of the area with any plumbing issues they may experience. From frozen pipes to leaking faucets, call us at 469-214-2582 anytime for emergency plumbing services at .

We will arrive at your property promptly and will assess the extent of the damage and repair all of the plumbing that has been affected. Our team is made up of the best plumbers in the area, and are available to you 24/7, 365 for when things go wrong when you least expect it.

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