Why Consider Annual Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

Why Consider Annual Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

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Almost any home technician will tell you that preventative is better than reactive service. In fact, almost anyone in any trade will tell you that. Fixing a problem before it occurs is almost always cheaper and better for the system in question, and a professional plumber will tell you this principle applies to drain cleaning as well. Annual drain servicing in Richardson, TX is a wonderful way to ensure that your pipes stay clean and you never experience a disruption in your home plumbing system.

Plumbing clogs can cause a large number of problems in a short amount of time. First off, they are distinctive, messy, and smell. There is not one homeowner who wants to deal with sewage on their floor, and we are willing to bet the same applies to you. Outside of the disgusting nature of a sewage backup, the water can cause flood damage and ruin your personal property and foundation of your home if it is extensive. In addition, a clog or backup usually means that you won’t be able to access any water in your home until it is fixed. This means you cannot cook, clean, or even use the toilet.

Believe it or not, one issue with your drains is enough to temporarily stop daily life in your home. Avoiding this problem is why it is always best to stay ahead of any drain issue by booking an annual drain cleaning in Richardson, TX. During an annual cleaning, the technician will inspect your pipes and will remove any debris or partial blockages that they see during the process. THye will also recommend a regular cleaning schedule based on any issues they may see. For some people, this may mean a drain service every few years, for other people it may mean a drain service every six months.

Factors That Influence the Frequency of Drain Cleaning

There are a lot of factors that influence how frequently you will need drain cleaning services. In general, most newer homeowners will find that they can go longer between cleaning than homeowners with historical homes. In general, in the first ten years, most homeowners will not have issues (but it’s not impossible so if you see signs of a clog you still need to call for help). On the other hand, if your home is older than ten years there is a good chance that you will experience a clog in the near future.

There is no time like the present than to get a drain cleaning plumber into your home to assess your system and ensure that you won’t have to deal with a clog. They will take a look at its current condition and variables around your home that may influence how it performs in the future.

For example, if you have old trees in your front yard or established bushes there is a good chance that you will experience more clogs due to tree and bush roots. Roots are one of the leading issues of drain clogs because the tiny whispery roots can easily infiltrate pipes and then grow and disrupt the pipes. Over time it is easy for debris to get caught on roots that are inside of the pipes leading to a large blockage that needs to be professionally cleaned. You can’t destroy or remove a large tree in most cases, but you can have an annual drain cleaning service that helps you stay on top of the issue so you don’t wake up to any more clogs.

An older home also probably means that you have an older plumbing system which can also cause issues. Older pipes tend to be more filled with debris, narrowed, and have issues that newer systems simply don’t. Unless you want to replace your entire plumbing system it is a better idea to keep up with your drain services.

Finally, if you have someone in your home with asthma or allergies it may actually be a good idea to have your drains cleaned on a regular basis to help keep your home clean and free of mold and bacteria. Anytime a partial blockage occurs in your pipes it allows mold and bacteria to grow all around it. While the partial blockage may not cause your drains to noticeably clog right away, it will allow mold to grow which is why sometimes you will sell foul odors to waft out of your drains.

The smell is actually an indication that unhealthy substances are growing in your pipes, and the mold spores released out of your drains can be very unhealthy to breathe on a regular basis. By keeping up with regular cleaning you don’t have to worry about unhealthy substances building up in your drains and contaminating the air in your home.

Finally, if you are worried about cleanliness and hygiene, drain cleaning is the best way to prevent one of the most unhygienic conditions that can occur in your home. Keep in mind that if your family is spending more time at home than usual due to the current health crisis, your sewage system is getting an extra workout. This is not the time to deal with a massive backup and a clogged floor drain or toilet. Especially not when future issues can easily be prevented.

What to Expect During a Drain Cleaning Service

The good news is that a drain cleaning service is an easy process to book and actually deal with. All you have to do is open the front door and we will head down to your basement to inspect your sewage system. If you have noticed any slow draining sinks or fixtures let us know and we will take a close look at those too. Ready to book your service? Give bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas a call today to take care of your plumbing system.

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