Causes of Bathroom Drain Clogging And How To Resolve It With Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

Causes of Bathroom Drain Clogging And How To Resolve It With Drain Cleaning | Richardson, TX

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Clogged drains in the bathroom may be among the most common issues you face as a property owner. Has it ever happened that you turn on the shower to find the water level rising? Clogged drains in the bathroom can soon turn into a nightmare.

Even minor clogs can worsen the damage if you do not perform proper drain cleaning. In Richardson, TX, you can find efficient local plumbers who can clear your drains. It is best to perform such maintenance before the issue causes inconvenience.

It also helps to know what causes bathroom drain clogging in the first place. Read on to find out the various causes of bathroom drain clogging and how to resolve them:

Common Causes of Bathroom Drain Clogging

You may be surprised, for most of the troublemakers that clog bathroom drains are the items you regularly use. It is because while using them in your bathroom, they may accidentally wash down along the water.

The most common causes of bathroom drain clogging that calls for drain cleaning include:

Dirt and Debris

While taking a shower, dirt, debris, and dust can easily flow down the bathroom drain. This occurs the most when you engage in outdoor sports or generally love to spend time outdoors.

You may not notice this accumulation instantly. Dirt and debris slowly collect and may severely clog your bathroom. It requires extensive drain cleaning services to unclog the several dirt knots that cause drain clogging.


Loose hair can get stuck in your bathroom drain. Most plumbing services agree that it is one of the most common causes of bathroom drain clogging. Loose hair can form into dense clumps that block the drains. It can also lead to unpleasant odors.


Drain cleaning services also point out toys as another common blockage of bathroom drains. If you have kids at home, be aware that their toys can spring up in the most unexpected places. Unfortunately, bathrooms seem to be one of these unusual places.

Smaller or stringy toys may end up washing down and blocking your sewer lines. It can cause several dysfunctions. A tiny toy can cause major repairs to your drain systems.

Mineral Buildup

The mineral content in your water may also pose a problem. Some houses in Richardson, TX, may contain hard water. Such hard water contains several minerals, including magnesium and calcium.

These minerals may collect at the corners of your pipes. If the mineral buildup increases while water flows through your drains, it can slowly cause a blockage. This calls for frequent cleaning.

Houses in areas that receive hard water may require to get the drains cleaned once each year. This also depends on the level of mineral content in the water. If it is higher, then cleaning may be necessary several times in a year.

Towelettes and Wipes

Several products such as towelettes and wipes profess to be flushable. However, you should not risk flushing them down your bathroom. Such products cannot break down easily while being immersed in water.

They may end up causing several problems to your drainage system. It is best to throw them in the trash bag instead.

Cat Litter

Around 67 percent of households in the United States of America own a pet in 2019-2020. If you are home to an adorable cat, you may keep a cat litter box near or in your bathroom. Many cat owners may tend to flush it in the toilet. That may be a mistake.

Cat litter can clump while being exposed to excess moisture. This can cause several blockages in your bathroom drain. You require a drain cleaning service to fix your drain systems.

Signs of A Clogged Bathroom Drain

At most times, the signs of a clogged bathroom drain are apparent. It is because the drainage system cannot function as usual when there is a blockage. Water does not drain as quickly or smoothly as before.

Even minor blockage can lead to major issues. It is best to resolve the problem as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening. It is essential to call for a drain cleaning service if you notice any of the below signs:

  • Unusual water accumulation
  • Rotten odor
  • Slow water drain
  • Strange noises from the bathroom pipes
  • Rinsing water in your toilet or shower
  • Water puddles near the shower, sink, toilet, or bathtub

What to Do if Your Bathroom Drain is Clogged?

Once you identify the tell-tale sign of your bathroom drain clogging, it is essential to take quick action by calling a drain cleaning service. Time does play a crucial role here. The faster you resolve the drain clogging; the fewer your troubles will be.

The solution is generally dependent on the severity of the problem. For instance, you can try plunging for a less amount of clog. However, it only works if the blockage is not very deep.

Your drain’s design and the type of blockage can determine if plunging would be successful. The success rates are usually low. It may be difficult to get adequate suction to remove the blockage. This is especially the case with hair and deeply situated blockage.

It is also recommended to avoid drain cleaning with any detergent or bathroom cleaner gels and liquids. These may exhume toxic fumes that can further damage your bathroom drains.

Let the Local Professionals Handle Your Clogged Bathroom Drains

Are you having trouble with clogged bathroom drains? You can leave the job to experts. Contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for efficient drain cleaning services.

Our skilled plumbers possess the expertise to fix any issues with your drains. Before your bathroom clogging worsens, please schedule an appointment with us. We offer immediate and affordable services to resolve your drain woes.

For more information, give us a call at 469-573-2535 or visit our website to book an appointment.

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