The Most Common Water Heater Repair And Installation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them | Carrollton, TX

The Most Common Water Heater Repair And Installation Mistakes And How To Avoid Them | Carrollton, TX

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The installation of water heaters can be a complicated process. It is essential to do it right to avoid any disasters such as burns, explosions, and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Moreover, a faulty water heater installation can consume enormous energy. It increases your utility bills. Water heating generally accounts for around 18 percent of a household bill in the United States of America.

If you fail to install your water heater properly, you are frequently prone to seek water heater repair services. You can find good plumbing services for such repairs. However, it is best to be aware of the most common water heater installation mistakes and avoid them. Read on to know more.

Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes

A water heater utilizes flammable gases at high temperatures. There is a possibility of the production of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide. This can be fatal. It is essential to be cautious while setting up a water heater to avoid any future damage.

To make things hassle-free, it is best to install your water heater without any mistakes. Additionally, it helps to minimize any water heater repair. The most common mistakes during water heater installation are:

Improper Pipe Soldering

This is among the most frequent mistakes that many make while installing a water heater. You need to solder the pipes to the water tank and line properly. It establishes a connection for water flow.

Many tend to make the mistake of soldering them much closer to the water tank. The problem that arises here is with the plastic fittings of the tank. These may melt and destroy the tank.

Experts from a water heater repair service can repair this water tank damage. They can add some extension segments to keep the pipes away from any plastic fittings and prevent further damages.

Using Incompatible Metals

Many may overlook the essence of compatible metal connections. However, if you join incompatible metals, there are higher chances of them failing. For instance, you cannot connect copper pipes with steel nipples. It can accelerate its corrosion rate.

Corrosion causes several water leakages. Moreover, the overall operating lifespan of a water heater drastically diminishes. It may coerce you to call for a water heater repair service frequently. Additionally, the water damage may be extensive, leading to a spike in your bills.

Improper Fixture of Relief Valve

A relief valve of your water heater is an important safety feature. It can control the water temperature and pressure. A proper installation of your relief valve is pivotal. If you do not fix it right, the want tank may explode. The burst of hot water can cause several burns.

You need to install a relief valve properly for it to perform its essential safety functions. Many water heater repair services find improper fixtures of a relief valve to be a common cause for repairs.

Neglecting Installation Instructions

Many tend to ignore the installation instructions that come along while purchasing a water heater. They may fail to follow the instructions thoroughly. You may seek to skim through the installation guides. However, this can lead you to miss some crucial steps or precautions.

It is essential to understand the process step by step. If you skip even one small step, the consequences may be extensive. You may need to contact a water heater repair service in Carrollton, TX, to avoid any disastrous flooding. Additionally, not using the recommended tools can also cause problems.

Dry Firing

Dry firing refers to turning on a water heater with an empty tank. Many tend to make this mistake in the eagerness to test their new water heater. Dry firing can burn out most of the electrical heating elements. It may also cause cracks in the tank.

This may also occur when the tank is half-filled. A repair is necessary to replace the damaged parts.

How to Avoid Common Water Heater Installation Mistakes

It takes time and skills to install your water heater in the right way. The above common water heater installation mistakes are avoidable. You can prevent them by heading caution and ensuring the following things:

Proper Fixing

Most mistakes occur when you do not make sure to fix things properly. The installation process of water heaters requires connecting and installing different units, pipes, and other elements.

You can avoid most damages by fixing them at the right location. Make sure to keep heating elements away from plastic and other inflammable materials. During pipe soldering, keep the pipes away from the water tank. Try to use some extensions if necessary.

Follow Guidelines

It is crucial to follow all the recommended guidelines and safety measures during installation. Make sure to go step by step according to the instructions. It is best not to experiment as it can lead to extensive damage.

Moreover, this compromises your safety as water heaters can lead to burns and toxic releases. In case of any damage during the installation process, hire a water heater repair service immediately.

Call Professional Water Heater Repair Services to Tackle Damages

Water heaters are essential devices in your household. If it is not installed properly, there will soon be several issues. Water may not heat adequately, or leakages may occur. It is essential to call for expert repair services to minimize any damages.

You can contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for reliable and efficient water heater repair services in Carrollton, TX. Our certified plumbers will not only repair your water heaters but also check for hidden issues. We will solve the root cause of the problems to provide you with long-term solutions.

Call us at 469-573-2535 or head online to our website to book an appointment. Our professional plumbers can also install alarms and shut-off valves that allow you to prevent any excessive damage in the future.

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