When Should You Call An Emergency Plumber For A Water Leak? | Carrollton, TX

When Should You Call An Emergency Plumber For A Water Leak? | Carrollton, TX

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Sometimes it is very obvious when you need an emergency plumber in Carrollton, TX. If a giant pipe bursts and is pouring out all over the floor then there is no need to ask any questions. Similarly, if you find yourself standing in sewage in the basement then you know you need a drain service to come out to your home right away. Most people don’t think twice about calling for an emergency plumber in these types of situations, but sometimes it can be a little harder to figure out if something is a true emergency or not.

A lot of people walk a thin line attempting to hold off on calling a plumber over the weekend, at night, or over a holiday in an attempt to avoid the surcharges that come with an emergency plumber. There are situations that allow you to wait, so we don’t blame customers that do this. A leaky faucet or a broken toilet (if there is another toilet in the home) can wait until the morning or Monday to be investigated. However, sometimes waiting can actually end up costing you a lot more than just calling for the plumber at the first sign of trouble.

For instance, a leaking water main that turns into a burst water main takes a small and easy repair into a large and costly repair. This is not even factoring in what you will end up paying in flood restoration charges. In this case, it would have been much more beneficial to just call the plumber and get the situation prompt taken care of in your Carrollton, TX home.

So how do you know when to call and when to wait? Here is a quick guide that details some of the most common reasons to call a plumber right now. However, keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive and may not account for every detail of a situation. If you have any plumbing issue that is making you nervous, it is best to call the plumbing company and speak to a licensed plumber who can offer you some advice.

You Spot a Troubling Water Leak

All water leaks in a home are a problem, but not all of them are urgent problems that a plumber needs to deal with right away. In general, anything that is a sudden problem probably requires an emergency plumber especially if the water leak is increasingly getting worse by the minute.

On the other hand, if you see a leak that is causing extensive damage, you don’t want to ignore it. There are a lot of hidden leaks in your home that you don’t know about until a ceiling tile drops and you see massive dry rot underneath. This is the type of thing you want an emergency plumber to assess now because you don’t want to find your bathtub in your kitchen. Never ignore a sagging ceiling because the very next sign you get from your ceiling will probably be a total collapse.

Along that same train of thought, you should also keep an eye on your ceilings for water stains. Water stains are not something that appears overnight. If you notice water stains it indicates there has been a hidden water leak under your tile for a long time soaking into the floor and/or ceiling. Since you don’t know the condition between the floor/ceiling boards, it is best to call a plumber in Carrollton, TX to investigate the situation. Once again, you don’t want to wait and end up with the entire ceiling collapsing leaving you with a very costly and stressful situation.

Outside of rotting, flooding, and water waste, there are a few other health hazards associated with leaks which is why you need to have them examined right away. For instance, uncontrolled water leakage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which can seriously affect your health. Mold can actually cause a number of respiratory symptoms and some people can even have a severe allergic reaction. Your aim should be to stop a leak before it gets to this point.

The other big issue with water leaks is that they can turn into a fire hazard, which is why most of the time if you notice a fairly regular water leak you want to call an emergency plumber. Water that leaks onto anything electrical can result in shorted wires or short circuits. At this point not only could you have a potential fire on your hands, but you could also have a pretty big electrocution risk. At the very least, you will have some heavy repair bills coming your way, so best to head off the trouble by getting an emergency plumber to inspect any concerning leaks.

That said, some leaks are not as troubling and you probably don’t need an emergency plumber. These types of leaks you can safely wait a few days to address. In general, this includes any leaks that happen in a water fixture. The reason for this is simple. While you are still wasting water, and a dripping faucet or other fixture can be annoying, the water is still running down a drain which means it is safe leaving your home. Once again, you don’t want to ignore it unless you enjoy paying for wasted water, but you can wait a day or two without causing any health threats within your home.

Do you have a water leak in your home that is causing you stress? Stop worrying about the water leak and take action by calling bluefrog Plumbing & Drain of North Dallas today. Our professional emergency plumber team can quickly assess the situation and let you know what you need to do next.

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