What To Do Before Calling An Emergency Plumber For Your Plumbing Problems | Irving, TX

What To Do Before Calling An Emergency Plumber For Your Plumbing Problems | Irving, TX

Plumbing emergencies happen when least expected; on a weekend, holiday, or even in the middle of the night. However, when it comes to plumbing problems, it may be almost impossible to tell whether the issue is just a minor plumbing fault or an emergency.

Emergency plumbers are expensive to hire. So, before dialing up an emergency plumbing service provider near Irving, TX, consider taking the following steps first:

Determine the Urgency

The general rule is that any plumbing issue resulting in severe damage or costing you a fortune should be considered an emergency. However, even if it could cause a major inconvenience, you must first establish that the problem is truly an emergency.

The truth is some of the common plumbing problems in homes are easy to fix, and you could do it yourself and save a few dollars. Of course, some issues may need immediate attention from a professional. For instance, flooding, main valve malfunction, sewage backups, and burst or frozen pipes.

Before you rush to pay a premium for that emergency call, ask yourself if the problem can wait till some other time. Do you need to use the plumbing fixture right away? The better if you can contain the issue and have other options.

Say, if a toilet in one room is overflowing, and it’s probably on a Sunday night, you can turn off the water to that area and resolve the issue on a Monday morning. You don’t need to panic, provided toilets in other rooms are working fine.

Turn Off the Water

Often, you become aware of an issue with your plumbing system when you notice a significant plumbing leak or flooding in your house due to backups. Before you grab that phone to contact an emergency plumber in Irving, TX, you first need to turn off the water supply to a fixture if it’s clear the leak is coming from it.

However, suppose you can’t find the cause of the leak. In that case, probably because it’s a ruptured pipe behind the wall or in your home’s foundation slab, you can shut off the water at the water meter to prevent further damage as you await the emergency plumber.

As a homeowner, you must be proactive; ensure you and your family members are familiar with all the water shut-off valves in the home, including the fixture shut-off and the main valves.

Block Area Off for Safety

If you suspect that sewer backups cause the home’s flooding, blocking the area from access is vital before calling your Irving, TX emergency plumber. This is especially necessary if you have small kids or pets.

Sewer water contains dangerous contaminants that can be lethal if swallowed or absorbed into the skin. Thus, your priority will be to ensure your loved ones are safe before a plumber comes in for help.

Diagnose the Problem

Sometimes, water may stop flowing within your house if it’s localized around a plumbing fixture, such as a shower or bathroom sink. Nonetheless, a case of water not flowing in the entire house is rare.

You should check all the water outlets to confirm that none is being supplied with water, including the hot and cold water supply fixtures. Usually, If there’s an issue with your water heater and no hot water is delivered, the cold side is still functional.

Suppose the leak is happening around the water meter, and you have already shut off the water supply to the entire home but still can’t narrow it down to the exact cause of the problem. In that case, you may have to contact an emergency plumber immediately. This is because you can’t do without water for very long. You need it for more than just living; washing, cleaning up, and general hygienic purposes.

Even so, before you call an emergency plumber, you must contact your water company first. Perhaps, there could be an issue with the city plumbing system, including a broken water main, sewer utility hole problems, or a service line break.

If the issue stems from your local sewer service system, in most cases, your water company can send a technician in to assist you even after hours. Never assume that any plumbing fault is your problem, and you’re responsible for repair!

Know What to Ask and Say Before Calling

This is another emergency tip that can save you time and money if you need an emergency plumber for prompt plumbing solutions. Know what to ask the plumber or what to say about the issue before they visit you.

Try to examine the problem as closely as possible so you can explain to the dispatcher what is happening. This will ensure that they send in the right personnel for the task.

It is a wise idea if you ask your emergency plumber to provide you with an estimate for the repair charge or a quote for the service call. In the same way, try to give specific details of the plumbing emergency. The more precise you’re, the faster the problem will be fixed. Again, the technician can provide a better estimate of the repair cost.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a regular emergency plumbing contractor and you’re calling any emergency plumber near you, you may ask to speak to the on-duty plumber first in case you reach an answering service.

Call In the Experts!

After you’ve taken the above steps and are satisfied that the plumbing issue you’re experiencing is an emergency, the next thing you’ll want is to call the professionals.

Whether it’s a leaky faucet, running toilet, burst pipe, or clogged sink, at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas, we’re here to help. We provide 24/7 plumbing services, serving clients in the North Dallas area. Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to welcome you into our family!

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