What Should You Do When Your Water Heater Breaks? | Insight from Your Trusted Richardson, TX Water Heater Repair Expert

What Should You Do When Your Water Heater Breaks? | Insight from Your Trusted Richardson, TX Water Heater Repair Expert

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Your water heater won’t last forever, generally speaking, Richardson, TX residents can expect their water heater to last between 8 to 12 years. However, this is a figure that can see significant variation from model to model as well as from unit to unit. After all, some water heaters are built sturdier than others, meaning that they can be counted upon to provide longer service without needing water heater repair. Furthermore, different people can treat their water heaters in very different ways, which can have a definite impact on their useful lifespan. Regardless, the simple fact of the matter is that water heaters cannot be expected to last forever, meaning that Richardson, TX residents should be prepared for when they will need to call in a plumber.

What Are Some of the Most Common Signs that You Need Water Heater Repair?

For Richardson, TX residents who aren’t sure whether they need water heater repair or not, there are some of the most common signs that they should be calling in a professional plumber as soon as possible:

Nothing but Cold Water

Since water heaters are supposed to provide hot water, it should come as no surprise to learn that having nothing but cold water come out is a sure sign that water heater repair is needed. Unfortunately, water heaters can fail to provide hot water for a wide range of reasons, meaning that there is no simple and straightforward solution for figuring out what has happened. Instead, it is best to entrust the matter to a reliable and reputable professional who can perform the necessary diagnostics before proceeding with the repair.

Strange Colors, Strange Smells, and Strange Tastes

If there is something strange in the water coming out of the water heater, it is time to seek out water heater repair as well. There are a number of ways that interested individuals can pick up on the presence of strange substances in their water. For instance, rust can cause water to turn a number of colors such as red, brown, and orange. Furthermore, it has a very metallic taste, meaning that even if interested individuals can’t see it, they should be able to taste it. Besides rust, there is a wide range of other strange, unwanted substances that can get into the water coming out of a water heater when it needs repair, each of which has its own particular colors, smells, and tastes. As such, whenever interested individuals notice something in their water that shouldn’t be there, that should convince them to seek out water heater repair as well as other forms of plumbing assistance. Certainly, whatever it is could be harmless, but their personal well-being isn’t something that people should be prepared to gamble on without a very good reason.

Strange Sounds

On a related note, strange sounds shouldn’t be coming from a water heater. As a result, if interested individuals can hear something unusual whenever their water heater is in use, they should get a professional to check it out lest it proves to be something very serious in nature. As for what could cause water heaters to start making strange noises, the possibilities are both numerous and wide-ranging in nature, which is one more reason to call in a specialist who can provide water heater repair as well as other forms of plumbing assistance.


Interested individuals can wait a short while with some of these other signs. For example, a strange sound is a matter for serious concern, but it isn’t so immediate in nature that interested individuals should drop everything else so that they can take care of it. In contrast, if they see a leak coming out of their water heater because of either gradual deterioration, improper installation, or some other potential cause, they should get help as soon as possible. First, this is because leaks can worsen much faster than what interested individuals might expect, meaning that they have less room for error in handling them. Second, this is because water can cause enormous damage to its surroundings within a very short period of time, particularly since a sloppy clean-up can cause further issues such as mold and mildew in the future. As such, when interested individuals should act sooner rather than later because there is no sense in running the risk of a potential flood.

What Can You Do When Your Water Heater Breaks?

Should interested individuals see something wrong with their water heater, they should contact a specialist for plumbing services sooner rather than later. Said specialist can provide them with further information about what has happened, why it has happened, and what they can do about it, meaning that they can be very useful for helping interested individuals make sense of their options. This is particularly important because water heater repair isn’t necessarily their best option in every single scenario. Instead, if interested individuals can’t extend the useful lifespan of their water heater very far by seeking out water heater repair, it might be better for them to seek out a replacement. Something that is particularly true if they feel that their water heater is no longer capable of meeting their hot water needs in a satisfactory manner.

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