What Everybody Ought To Know About Tankless Water Heater Repair | Richardson, TX

What Everybody Ought To Know About Tankless Water Heater Repair | Richardson, TX

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Imagine the convenience of never running out of hot water in Richardson, TX. Because your tankless water heater heats water on demand, you don’t ever have to worry about the boiler running low on hot water. But like any heating system, they’re not completely maintenance-free. You will still require a regular water heater repair service to check on your heating unit from time to time.

What are some things you should know?

Tip #1: You Need Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Tankless water heaters use an internal combustion system that heats the water passing through its pipes by about 300 degrees Fahrenheit. That process is called ignition, and it’s similar to what goes on when you mix gasoline with air in your car’s engine.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, bits of grit get into the combustion chamber and can damage some parts of the unit. That means you need a tankless water heater repair every once in a while to keep that performance up (and your wallet intact).

Tip #2: There Are Two Different Types of Tankless Water Heater Repairs

Luckily, there are two different types of tankless water heater repairs that you can perform yourself. The first type is a combustion gas check. This one happens when the flame goes out, which means it ends up going out before all of the fuel has been burned off.

You can solve this problem by performing a combustion gas check. It is when you remove the front cover of your unit and ignite the burner manually. If it lights, then you know that there was no malfunction in the ignition sequence.

If the combustion gas check doesn’t work, it probably means that your unit needs to be repaired or replaced entirely. Ask your local plumber for good replacement options.

Tip #3: The Most Common Causes of Tankless Water Heater Problems

There are two leading causes of problems with tankless water heaters. The first one is sediment buildup, which happens when minerals in the water get trapped inside your unit. Sediment can cause clogs and other obstructions that keep water from passing through the burner to be heated up quickly enough.

You can try using an acid solution to break down the sediment in your tankless water heater when you mix up some muriatic acid with equal parts of water and pour it directly into your unit.

Be careful not to splash the mixture all over yourself while doing this because it will burn if it comes into contact with your skin.

The other cause of problems is when your burner or heat exchanger needs a repair. If you see blue flames instead of the usual orange, then that means you’re dealing with a damaged heat exchanger. That’s because the blue color indicates lower temperatures than expected, which catches the gas before it can be ignited (hence the color change).

If you notice low water pressure, there could be a problem with your heating unit’s power supply. If it has a control board, then that might be the cause of the issue. It’s also possible to have problems with your ignition system or venting pipes if they’re not properly installed and maintained.

Tip #4: Know How To Shut Off Your Unit

If you end up dealing with a problem that requires a tankless water heater repair, it’s essential to know how to shut off your unit. The good news is that most of the newer tanks have built-in shutoff valves, which means you can simply turn them off and call a plumber immediately.

If you don’t have a built-in shutoff valve, then there’s usually one on your gas supply line or electrical power source that you can use to stop the flow of water. Also, make sure to leave the gas supply line open for at least three minutes after shutting off your tankless water heater (this allows pressure to stay in the tank, so it doesn’t create a dangerous situation).

If you’ve turned off the gas line but still see pressure building up, then there’s probably sediment or other debris blocking your unit. You can use air to push this out through the venting pipe, which is what you’re supposed to do normally when doing a tankless water heater repair.

Tip #5: Start Small, or Hire a Plumber

A repair can range from simple to complicated, so it’s essential to get them done by the experts. If you’re not sure how to do one yourself, don’t try it. Instead, invest in a tankless water heater replacement instead of attempting to self-repair your unit.

Those who take the DIY approach may notice that they’ve made more of a mess than they’d hoped. That’s how it goes when beginners try to do something for the first time, so don’t expect too much from yourself if this is your first repair.

Tip #6: Give Your Tankless Water Heater an Annual Inspection

Once you’ve hired a professional for your tankless water heater repair, it’s time to give the unit an annual inspection. It is a great way to make sure that your new system is working perfectly and will stand the test of time.

If you need help finding a contractor for this, don’t worry – we’re right here to help in Richardson, TX. Take a look at our tankless water heater installation and replacement options, and we’ll make it happen for you.

Tip #7: Know How To Reassemble Your Unit After Repair

If you need tankless water heater repairs, it’s essential to know what you’re doing when reassembling your unit. It means taking the necessary precautions before getting started, including emptying any remaining gas in your line and purging the unit using air.

If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s best to call on a professional. As long as your tankless water heater unit is clean and dry, then you won’t have any trouble with reassembly once it gets here.

Doing maintenance every few months is the easiest way to avoid having a major repair in the future. It includes draining sediment out of your unit, checking for gas leaks (you can do this by applying soap to joints and seeing if it bubbles), and making sure that no objects are blocking the venting pipe.

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