The Benefits Of Hiring An Emergency Plumber | Carrollton, TX

The Benefits Of Hiring An Emergency Plumber | Carrollton, TX

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You keep hoping that emergencies won’t happen any time soon, but in reality, you’re bound to have some form of plumbing emergency sooner or later. Typically, many people prepare for other types of contingencies, but very few people are prepared for a plumbing emergency.

Whenever you need an emergency plumber, you can always count on bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas to come to your rescue. Our professional plumbers are rigorously trained and well equipped to handle all your plumbing emergencies 24/7.

Here are five reasons you might need an emergency plumber:

  • Burst Pipe

When a pipe in your home’s drain system bursts, it goes without saying that you will need a plumber. If this problem is not addressed urgently, the leaking water can significantly damage the valuables in your home. Therefore, you should seek emergency plumbing services immediately when the water starts to leak. It’s also advisable to take precautions by turning off the water supply and removing any essential items that might get damaged immediately when you notice the leakage.

When you call our emergency plumbers in Carrollton, TX, they’ll come, assess your pipes and recommend the repairs or maintenance needed to ensure the situation does not repeat itself.

  • Toilet Overflow

If your toilet starts to overflow, don’t hesitate to seek emergency plumbing services. The overflow might contain viruses and bacteria that can put you and your family’s health at risk. In some cases, the overflow might be minimal, giving you the idea that you can clear the blockage all by yourself. However, the problem is that there might be other internal problems that you can’t see even if you manage to clear the blockage. Emergency plumbers are well equipped with hydro-jetting technology, which allows them to flash out the entire internal blockage.

  • Gas Leak

Many people do not regard a gas leak as a plumbing emergency, yet its effect can be catastrophic. There are cases where a simple gas leak resulted in massive fires, causing significant damage to properties and even loss of lives. Therefore, don’t take it lightly if you smell leaking gas. The first step is to turn off the valve and then call a plumber to handle the issue. These professionals have the necessary skills and equipment to deal with natural gas furnace connections and copper pipes.

  • Kitchen Drain Clogs

As you wash utensils, materials such as food scraps, oils and grease, pass through your kitchen drain. Over time, some of these materials may build up in the drain, preventing the free flow of water, which eventually causes a clogged sink. This means that you may not be able to use the sink until it has been repaired.

Having a plumber on standby can offer you the peace of mind you deserve. Professional plumbers are well equipped with modern cameras that allow them to locate the clog’s exact position and clear it in minutes.

  • Water Heater Problems

It’s a cold winter night, and you’re just getting ready to take a hot shower. You turn on the water heater, but too bad for you, it’s not working! In such a situation, calling a plumber to check and repair the water heater can save you from taking a cold shower or starting your morning on the wrong foot.

Benefits of Having an Emergency Plumber

As clearly seen, there’re many situations that will require you to seek emergency plumbing services. Here are some of the benefits you will enjoy from hiring a plumber:

Guarantees your safety

Some of the plumbing emergencies, such as gas leaks, broken pipes and indoor flooding, can be a risk to you and your family. Besides, if you don’t have the expertise to handle the emergency, you may end up harming yourself in the process. A  plumber has adequate knowledge of safety procedures and is well equipped to handle all possible dangers. Therefore, hiring them solves your needs and also guarantees your safety.

24/7 service

Emergencies may occur when you least expect it, including in the middle of the night or the wee hours. Some emergencies, such as burst water pipes, cannot wait until morning, as they could cause severe damage to your valuables. With emergency plumbers, you are guaranteed that your problems will be solved irrespective of the time of the day.

Saves you money

When faced with a minor plumbing problem such as a small leak, you might be tempted to fix the problem yourself. However, if you don’t have the expertise, you may end up causing additional damages to your plumbing system, which could eventually cost you a lot of money through repairs.

Hiring an emergency plumber ensures that your problem is properly resolved, so you don’t have to incur unnecessary repair costs. Besides, a professional plumber may spot other problems within your plumbing system and handle them before they can escalate into bigger problems and cost you more money.

Emergency plumbers are insured and licensed to handle emergencies

Insured plumbers will cover the costs of any damages incurred in their line of work. They are also covered by insurance if they sustain injuries when working on your property. Contrastingly, if you decide to handle the emergency plumbing issue on your own, damages to your property are not covered, meaning you have to pay them from your pockets. Again, if you are injured during the process, you have to cater for your treatment.

Need an Emergency Plumber? You Can Count On Us!

At bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North DallasCarrollton, TX, our professional plumbers are dedicated to offering high-quality emergency plumbing services 24/7. We strive to arrive at your premises within the shortest time possible and offer a lasting solution to your plumbing woes. No matter the size or complexity of your plumbing problem, we are your go-to-go company for all your emergency needs and the neighboring areas.

To book an appointment, call us today at 469-214-2582 and we’ll be at your home within the shortest time possible!

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