Safety Tips to Handle a Water Heater

Safety Tips to Handle a Water Heater

Everyone in your family is taking cold showers because your hot water heater is down for the count. You probably want to tackle the issue yourself, but keep in mind that water heaters aren’t as simple or as safe as they appear. You need to take precautions.

Before you put on your handyman hat, keep these five safety tips in mind. They’ll prevent you from messing up your heater or injuring yourself in the process.

1. Install a Carbon Monoxide Monitor
Did you know that your water heater can actually leak carbon monoxide into your home without you even realizing it? The “silent killer” is odorless and tasteless but can cause a variety of symptoms, from headaches & nausea. Install a detector to eliminate the guesswork when it comes to carbon monoxide from water heaters and other appliances.
2. Properly Ventilate Your Water Heater
Whether you keep your hot water heater in the garage or basement, the area should always be well-ventilated to ensure that your heater functions properly. If there isn’t proper ventilation, the fumes could enter the house instead of flowing up and out.

Don’t Keep Fire Hazards Close to the Heater
Flammable liquids, aerosols, fireworks, and other fire hazards should not be kept near gas water heaters. To err on the side of caution, always extinguish the pilot lilot before beginning any maintenance or checkups.

Check on Your Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
When the water temperature in the tank rises above 212 degrees Fahrenheit, the liquid will turn into steam, which takes up more space than water. As a result, the tank could explode and cause serious damage if you don’t carefully monitor the temperature and pressure.

Make Sure Your Hot Water Heater Is Properly Secured
Although it’s fairly rare for us to experience earthquakes here in North Texas, the unexpected can still happen. Prepare for the worst by making sure your hot water heater is properly secured before working on it.

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