Expert Water Heater Repair | Carrollton, TX

Expert Water Heater Repair | Carrollton, TX

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There are lots of reasons that Money Magazine has named Carrollton, TX one of the best places to live in the United States of America. In 2006, ‘Money Magazine’ dubbed our diverse community as the 19th ‘Best Place to Live’ and then again honored Carrollton with the number 15th ‘Best Place to Live among small cities. It is easy to see why the population exploded between the 1970s and 1980s.

The town began as a dusty settlement and wasn’t incorporated until the Saint Louis Southwestern Railway or ‘Cotton Belt’ settled in nearby Katy in 1888. The community is close enough to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to allow commuters to enjoy the hubbub of bustling Dallas, while resting during their off-time in a friendly and quiet bedroom community that is easily accessible to Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas Are Experts in Water Heater Repair

Our team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas serving Carrollton, TX keeps the homes clean and sanitary, provides warm and cold flowing showers, and water heaters working to keep your daily routine in check. However, plumbing lines and heating units, ventilation ducts, water heaters, and air conditioners have a specific lifespan, no matter how well maintained the appliances are eventually going to need to be replaced.

The most frequent bluefrog Plumbing and Drain call-outs require a water heater repair. Oftentimes when the home was originally built (particularly for older homes) less hot water was necessary and the unit didn’t need to work as hard and put less stress on the unit making it last longer.

However, technology has moved on with dishwashers, rainwater showers, and deeper tubs. Many families have a water heater that is not big enough to meet the needs of the family that lives together. A clear sign that you need a water heater repair is that there is never enough hot water to complete all the daily tasks from showers to dishes.

Protect Your Appliance Sign Up for Plumbing, HVAC, and a Water Heater Annual Subscription Service

There is a mentality among homeowners that believe you should not fix something if it is not broken, however, what they are forgetting is that these delicate and crucial creature comforts are often exposed to the outdoors or overused.

Older homes with older appliances should seriously consider renovating their HVAC, plumbing, and water heater units. These appliances have fallen behind when it comes to the technology of home environmental units.

Any appliance repair can sometimes cost the same as a brand new Energy Star approved unit that will perform better, save water, energy, (reducing your carbon footprint) all the while lowering your water and heating bills, and last much longer with regular service.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas Exclusive Subscription Packages

HVAC repair is just one of the services offered within many of bluefrog’s subscription options. We care about our home (how could you not with so many friendly and helpful souls packed into one small city). Did you know that Carrollton is the 23rd biggest city in Texas?

Our packages range from a standard, annual review of all the major systems in your home or office space to deeper inspections and double-check certain components like water heater repairs, in addition to making certain every component of your heating, ventilation system, air conditioning, plumbing are working at top efficiency with little additional cost to you. Our work is our promise and if you experience a problem with the job, we will promptly return to your home and fix the water heater repair or other issue as fast as we possibly can at no extra expense to you.

Client Testimonials

“Call me a cynic but after my husband passed away a few years ago, I’m wary about who and what repairmen are allowed in my house. I’ve just turned 70 and all the horrible news and shootings scare an old lady on her own.

A few weeks ago, my water heater stopped producing any hot water. I had to wash the dishes in cold water and take a bath with a flannel and a pot of heated water from the stove.

My neighbors are a nice, young family, and my neighbor Bob has been very gracious about helping keep my house from utter ruin. Bob had a look at the water heater and spent half a day trying to fix the water heater but concluded that it needed a professional repair.

He suggested that I called Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain of North Dallas. I told him that I was a little afraid of having a stranger in my home while all alone. Bob called Bluefrog for me and made an appointment for later that day. Bob stayed with me the entire time entertaining me with stories about the little disagreements my husband and Bob had about the enormous bushes that were damaging the fence and letting his beloved Labrador Duke out free to run around the neighborhood and potentially get hit by a car. After my husband died, I gave my permission for Bob to remove the worst of the bushes and paid for the fence repair. Ever since he regularly checks on me every couple of days.

Little did I know that Bob was a plumber for Bluefrog Plumbing and Drain of North Dallas and got me the best price available for the repair which turned into a water heater replacement. I’m grateful to Bluefrog and Bob for making sure I felt safe and like I was getting the best possible service for the most affordable price. Kindness is magic, even to an old bird like me.”

Charlotte Newsome, North Dallas, TX

“Environmental home repairs have come a long way from the hot water tank models that frequently run out of water. I was sick of it with a brood of seven children who all insist on taking a bath at the same time. It has taken an organized order when the smallest kids bathe at night and the teenagers’ shower in the morning. No matter how short I limit their baths and showers there is never enough hot water for me or my husband.

We have trusted Bluefrog for a lot of different jobs over the years and when it came to recommending a new water heater or investing in an overhaul water heater repair, we relied on Bluefrog who didn’t want us to waste our money on a water heater repair that would just need redoing in a few months to a year.

They advised us on how to choose an Energy Star Tankless water heater which included a year’s worth of water heater repair and inspections. We don’t ever delay calling Bluefrog when we have any HVAC or plumbing, or water heater repair needs because we trust their expertise, affordable pricing, and trustworthy team.

Sam Burrows, Carrollton, TX

For any of your plumbing needs bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas is here for you!

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