Plumber Tips: What Are The Best Ways To Clean Your Drains? | Denton, TX

Plumber Tips: What Are The Best Ways To Clean Your Drains? | Denton, TX

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A couple of things that you need to know about your plumbing: Knowing how to clean your drains better and how to unclog minor clogs. For cleaning, all you need is hot water, dish soap, or baking soda and vinegar. For unclogging drains, you need to have the right tools in your home. Do keep in mind that if you don’t know how to use them, call a plumber in Denton, TX.

Buying a plunge and a snake will be useful in your home, especially if you know how to use them. They are the tools that you will need to help you unclog your drains.

Cleaning the Kitchen Drain

If there is a minor clog in your kitchen drains, you can use hot water and dish soap to help you loosen the clog. You should be able to fix it if you have a minor clog. You may also have to use the plunger to help you unclog the kitchen drains. If it’s still not resolved or when the clog is persistent, then you better call a plumber for assistance.

How do you prevent clogs in your kitchen? First, never throw grease down the sink as it will only stick to your pipes. When you keep pouring grease, it will only lead to a major clog. If you have a garbage disposal, consider running it with extra water just to make sure that you got rid of all dirt and food particles.

To ensure that you have cleaner drains and pipes, call a plumbing service in Denton, TX, and book a professional drain cleaning service. An experienced plumber would be able to permanently help you resolve your drain problem.

Bathroom Drains

One of the causes of drain clogs in your bathroom is your hair, soap, and then toothpaste. You can avoid this when you install strainers to catch the debris and hair. If there is a clog, try to use hot water to clean the drains. When there is a clog, use a drain snake for unclogging them or call a plumbing service for assistance.

Never Use Chemical Based Cleaners

You probably think it’s okay to use them in your pipes because this type of cleaner is heavily advertised. They may work on minor clogs, but they are not permanent solutions to a clog problem. When there is a clog in your system, the first thing you need to do is call a plumber. Below are some of the reasons why you should never even think about using chemical drain cleaners.

They Are Not Good for Your Pipes

How old are your pipes? If you live in an old home, your pipes could be severely damaged by chemical drain cleaners. Newer pipes may survive, but when you keep using chemical cleaners, it can be hazardous. Just call a plumbing company for assistance.

Dangers of Mixing Different Types of Cleaners

If you’re desperate because of a major clog, call a plumbing professional right away. Don’t resort to solutions that you think will fix your problem. Some homeowners may be tempted to use another drain cleaning, especially when the first one doesn’t work. You need to be extremely careful with this as it might create noxious gas or chemicals that might shoot up from the drain to your skin or your face.

When it comes to strong chemicals, it’s never advised to use them in the homes, especially when you have children or older people living with you. Instead, just call a plumber for professional drain cleaning so they can help you fix your problem.

Not Safe for Your Septic System

It’s not only your pipes that will suffer but also your septic systems. The chemicals in the drain cleaners might disrupt the good bacteria that break down waste. If you really need to take care of your drains, simply call a plumber and don’t resort to solutions that will only bring you more harm than good.

Should you ever decide to use chemical-based cleaners for your drains, do make sure that you always wear protective clothing and make sure that you follow the instructions on the label?

You can speak with a plumbing professional on other alternatives for chemical-based cleaners. Better yet, book a professional drain cleaning for your home to ensure that your drains are always clean.

Take Care of Your Plumbing

One of the things you can do to extend the lifespan of your plumbing and avoid costly repairs is to schedule a routine checkup or maintenance that includes professional drain cleaning for your drains. Also, make it a point never to ignore minor problems that may come up. Always find a solution, or better yet, call a plumber immediately so they can help you alleviate the problem.

As a homeowner, you can also make an effort to learn how to use simple plumbing tools, just in case. Your skills will come in handy one day, especially when you’re having problems with your plumbing. Learn how to use the drain snake or the plunger, and make sure that you do it correctly. Otherwise, you may damage your pipes.

Additionally, call the right professional. Ensure that the plumbing company you hire knows what they are doing and has been in the plumbing business for years.

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