Do I Need An Emergency Plumber? | Carrollton, TX

Do I Need An Emergency Plumber? | Carrollton, TX

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Even small, plumbing annoyances can become emergencies in the right circumstances. When you have a single bathroom to share between two or more people in the morning, a slow drain can be a major inconvenience. When you have a leaking faucet that adds hundreds to your monthly expenses, that can add up to an emergency when you get the bill. Here are some of the most common problems that might mean you need an emergency plumber in Carrollton, TX.

Bathroom Basics and Troubles

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home. When it is functioning normally, it is relatively easy to clean and makes life easier to manage. From hot showers to restroom relief, this room is a critical part of home infrastructure. When any part of your bathroom plumbing acts up, it can destroy your day and have you calling bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas to schedule an emergency plumber for your Carrollton, TX home.

Simple Sink Backups

Even the bathroom sink is important. It’s where you wash your hands, shave in the morning or take care of oral hygiene. Unfortunately, shaving over the sink and washing down lotion or soap can cause buildup in the pipes below the sink. As the water flow is reduced, water can backup into the sink and sit for long periods of time. The next person into the bathroom might be facing a mess of dirty water when it comes time to wash their hands.

If you notice water moving slowly in the bathroom sink, it might be time to contact an emergency plumber.

Shower Stall Issues

The same problems that can plaque a bathroom sink can also affect your tub and shower. Slow or clogged drains are a menace in any area of the home. Your shower is also a system that is particularly vulnerable to leaks. If you have a moveable shower head, you might not get the same pressure to your shower that you do to your tub. You could also have water flowing down the hose and the back wall of the shower stall. Improperly sealed walls can lead to leaks into the floor below the bathroom. With all of the possible points of failure, it is not uncommon to have an appointment with an emergency plumber to fix up the shower.

Toilet Emergencies

If you typically have more than one bathroom to share with the rest of the family, a broken toilet can create major lines for the bathroom — at home. That’s something that no one looks forward to. Toilets are often the cause of flooding at home and can also be the source of very expensive, silent leaks. Where you might hear the drip of a faucet, a leaking toilet can drop water directly into the bowl, leaving no sound or sign of the issue until you get the bill.

To check for a silent leak, pour a pot of coffee into the reservoir and see if the water in the bowl changes colors. If it does, you likely need an emergency plumber as quickly as possible.

If the toilet backs up, that’s another reason to call in professional help. When (hopefully, clean) water overflows the toilet, it can leave gallons of water on the floor soaking the carpet or running through to the floor below. Not only does that leave a major mess to clean up, but it also means you need to figure out what is causing the backup. While toilet paper is the most common cause of overflowed toilets, households with small children often find an amazing array of items stopping up the drain.

Kitchen Catastrophes

The bathroom is one important area of the home, but the kitchen is a very close second. It’s in the kitchen that you prepare meals and wash dishes. The kitchen sink often has a fairly wide drain to accommodate- fast draining, and may also be home to water-using appliances like a dishwasher or garbage disposal. If an appliance uses water, it might need help from an experienced plumber at some point. The dishwasher connects directly to the drains and water system in your home, so an overflow can mean a small river or lake pooling in the kitchen.

The kitchen sink is another place where a slow drain or leak can be disastrous. If you can’t cook in your kitchen because you can’t clean up afterward, the cost of ordering out racks up pretty quickly. Plus, dirty dishes sitting in the sink are a health hazard and can draw pests. If you have a slow drain in the kitchen, that can definitely warrant a call for an emergency plumber.

Utility Room Overflow

The sink in your utility room is often hooked up to your washing machine and provides the drainage system. This room is also often the home of an HVAC system and hot water heater. Problems in the utility room affect your whole house. If the hot water heater goes up and starts dumping gallons of heated water on the floor, it’s time to call an emergency plumber.

If the utility sink backs up so you can’t do laundry at home, that’s another reason for a visit from an emergency plumber.

Any HVAC leaking warrants a call where the average summer temperatures exceed 90-degrees and even the winter can post some surprisingly warm numbers during the middle of the day.

If you need an emergency plumber in the Dallas area, call 469-214-2582 today and schedule an emergency visit from one of our experienced technicians at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain. We offer 24/7 service to handle any emergency that affects your home or commercial plumbing.

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