8 Preventative Plumbing Tips From Your Plumber That Prevent Major Disasters | Irving, TX

8 Preventative Plumbing Tips From Your Plumber That Prevent Major Disasters | Irving, TX

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Plumbing problems and emergencies are extremely inconvenient. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may cost you a lot — and we’re not just talking about money. Plumbing problems could be messy and may cause destruction of your favorite things or your home!

These problems usually do not just occur overnight. They are the minor problems that you have neglected — as a result, they will buildup!

Thankfully, these emergencies can definitely be avoided. That is if you are willing to do some preventative maintenance for your plumbing system. With the help of a plumber and your commitment to plumbing maintenance, you can prevent plumbing meltdowns and nightmares that may not be reversed or would cost you a fortune.

Below are our tops plumbing tips that prevent nightmares:

1. Mind the Leaky Toilets

Whatever you do — do not ignore leaky toilets. Why? When they are ignored, it will give you a major headache down the road. It will be tempting to ignore this problem as it isn’t really inconvenient for you at first. It may not be that big an issue now but if neglected, leaky toilets may overflow or it just won’t stop running.

Can you imagine the amount of water that you will lose? This will go straight to your bill! This spells more cost for you — bills for repairs and higher utility bills as well.

If you notice that your toilet has a problem, always call a professional in Irving, TX. Plumbers will know what is going on, will be able to diagnose the problem, and would give you the most favorable solution to make sure that the problem doesn’t recur.

2. Go with Metal Hoses

If you have a washing machine or a dishwasher at home, do not just go with the typical black rubber hoses. They may not be enough. Chances are they will eventually burst. When they do, it will leak about 5 gallons of water per minute. It will flood your home. What if you are away? Flooding damages your home and water bills will skyrocket as a result!

What you can do is invest in stainless steel. Call a professional to assist you with installing these hoses for your dishwasher and washing machine.

3. Never Pour Cooking Oil in Sink

You can avoid a major nightmare when you don’t do the above. Cooking oil in your sink can greatly damage your plumbing system. Because the oil will solidify in the pipes, they will eventually clog them. If you really need to throw cooking oil, freeze them first then throw them away in the bin.

For kitchen sink maintenance, pour very hot water down the drain. That should melt the leftover oils in the pipes. Or if you are already having problems with your sink, call a plumber to help you resolve the issue.

4. Insulate Those Pipes

The insulation is a preparation for winter. When the temperature is below zero, chances are your exposed pipes will freeze. When it freezes, they may burst. That creates more problems and it will be more costly too.

You should be able to find some good insulation at any home improvement store. You can also talk to a professional and ask for advice.

5. Shut Off the Main Water Valve

This valve controls the water in your home. If this breaks, your home will be a living nightmare. When you are away from vacation or work, make it a habit to always turn off the water valve. Find out where it is if you do not know where it is located. That info will really come in handy especially in emergency situations.

Do make sure though that the water valve is working. You can test it to see if it is indeed operating well.

6. What Pipes Do you Have?

If you live in a very old house, chances are you may be using galvanized iron. These types of pipes are prone to leaking and rusting.

Call a plumber to help you inspect the pipes in your homes. They should be able to determine the type of pipes that you have and whether they are still in good condition or not.

7. Do Routine Inspections for Hot Water Systems

To ensure that your hot water tank is working efficiently, you will need to do a general inspection to check for damage or leaks in the pipes, valves and other parts. You may ask assistance from a plumber in your area to make sure that everything is working well.

8. Schedule Regular Maintenance with a Licensed Plumber

Working with a professional plumber is extremely beneficial. Because they have had hands-on experience, your plumbing system will get the utmost care. They will know how to perform maintenance checkups and inspections to ensure that your system is functioning well. If there are problems, they will be able to diagnose it and resolve it for you.

A plumber can help you avoid future problems. Seek their help especially when you do not know how plumbing works.

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