8 Signs You Need To Have A Plumber Replace Your Sump Pump | Irving, TX

8 Signs You Need To Have A Plumber Replace Your Sump Pump | Irving, TX

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If your basement keeps flooding, installing a sump pump will be the best solution. This is why most homeowners have this device in their homes. If you live in an area frequented by storms, you cannot afford to have a sump pump that malfunctions. You need to ensure that it works perfectly well.

Watch out for the signs described below and call a plumber so they can assist you better with your problems. These common problems could be a sign that you need to replace your sump pump to better prepare for the storm and heavy rains.

1. Unusual Noises

Loud grinding or rattling noises may indicate a damaged impeller, the fan that pulls the water into the pump. When the impeller sucked up debris, it may be either bent or broken. You’ll know this when you hear wobbling noises or when it excessively vibrates while it’s running. Talk to a plumber so he can advise you whether it’s best to still repair it or get a replacement. It will be best to get a replacement as re-bending an impeller may not be possible. A professional would be able to give you the best solution.

2. Runs All the Time

When your sump pump just keeps running, there could be a problem with the switch. The switch may not work effectively if the float arm is defective. You will also experience problems when the sump pump is not installed properly. Another reason why the sump pump continuously runs is when it is not able to handle the load. It may be best to just replace it. You can talk to a licensed plumber to know the best solution.

If you are thinking about installing a sump pump, only hire a licensed professional to ensure proper installation.

3. The Motor Fails

If the sump pump doesn’t work at all, make sure it is plugged in and there is nothing wrong with the circuit breaker. When there is electricity and yet it still doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the internal wiring. Another reason would be motor burnout. When the temperature is below zero, the extension hose could freeze and could result in clogs. When the pump sends water into this clogged hose, the motor will work hard. Eventually, it will fail. When this happens, call a plumber in Irving, TX for a replacement.

4. It’s More Than 7 Years Old

Home appliances and devices do not last forever. For a sump pump, a plumber would advise the homeowner to get a new replacement when their device is over 7 years old. It will be cost-effective to buy a new one than spend more money on repairs or maintenance.

The quality of the sump pump, frequency of use and the electrical source are just a few of the factors as to how long the sump pumps last. If you think that your sump pump is about to give up, call a professional asap. Work only with a professional in Irving, TX for proper sump pump installations.

5. Rust

An iron bacteria isn’t harmful to humans but they will affect the water flow in your drainage system. When you see rust in the sump pump, that could either be from a corroded battery or the iron bacteria. This bacteria feeds off on iron that will cause not just discoloration but also clogs.

Contact a plumber in your area so they can do a proper inspection of your sump pump. If it will cause more problems, the best solution would be to simply get a replacement.

6. Constantly Turns On and Off

When your sump pump keeps turning on and off again, there might be something wrong with it. When you turn it off and it doesn’t stop, that could signal another problem. The best thing to do would be to call a professional so they can inspect the sump pump and determine its condition.

7. No Water in the Sump Pit

When the sump pump is running and yet there is no water in the pit, it is highly likely that it is not installed correctly or just not properly hooked up to your drainage system. This is why you should always hire a licensed plumber for a sump pump installation. When this happens, disconnect your sump pump and reach out to a professional right away.

8. Clogged Pump

If your sump pump does not contain a lid, your pit will get contaminants and other debris that will eventually lead to clogs. First, your motor will not work efficiently. Eventually, it will stop. Sump pump clogs are usually caused by a jammed float switch or tangled switches, dirty parts and dirt in the sump pit. What you can do is to get a lid to prevent dirt from getting into your pit. For clogs, always call a professional so they can better inspect your device, and whether it can still be saved or you will need to get a replacement.

What To Do When There is Continual Flooding

When there is heavy flow in the sump pit, consider raising the sump pump. If that will not alleviate the problem, you may need to install another pump. Before you do this, talk to a plumber first as they can help you assess the problem better. He may also advise you to get an upgrade in your plumbing system.

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