Why Many Homeowners Are Replacing Traditional Water Heaters With Tankless Water Heaters | Irving, TX

Why Many Homeowners Are Replacing Traditional Water Heaters With Tankless Water Heaters | Irving, TX

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If you have never heard tankless water heaters, you’re not alone. Unlike a traditional water heater tank that holds gallons of heated water, tankless water heaters provide water heaters “on demand”, or only when needed. Although they’ve been on the market for nearly 20 years, tankless water heaters have only started becoming popular due to rebates now offered by gas utility companies and the demand for energy efficient appliances.

How Does a Tankless Water Heater Work?

Electric or gas-powered tankless water heaters instantly heat water when you turn on a hot water tap in your home. For example, if you turn on your kitchen sink’s hot water tap, cold water will travel through a pipe connecting the sink with the tankless water heater. At that point, an electric element or gas burner inside the tankless water heater will immediately provide hot water.

However, the flow rate of hot water provided by a tankless water heater is understandably limited. Electric tankless water heaters produce between two to five gallons of hot water per minute while a gas-powered tankless water heater offers higher flow rates. Small households of one or two people would have problems with hot water flow since it’s more likely they will only need access to hot water on an individual basis (taking a shower, doing the dishes, etc).

Family households in Irving, TX can still benefit from an energy-efficient tankless water heater by installing two or more tanks to accommodate multiple hot water needs simultaneously. For example, one tankless water heater could be connected to the kitchen, one to the bathroom(s) and one to the laundry room. In addition, a tankless water heater works great as boosters for solar water heating systems providing hot water for large households.

Advantages of Tankless Water Heaters

According to the U.S. Department of Energy households using less than 41 gallons of hot water every day would be up to 34 percent more energy efficient if they relied on a tankless water heater. Energy savings of 25 to 50 percent is feasible if a tankless water heater is installed to accommodate specific areas of hot water demand.

Although the initial cost of a tankless water heater is slightly higher than the cost of a traditional water heater, reduced energy costs would offset the higher cost of a regular water heater in a couple years. In addition, a tankless water heater lasts longer (up to 20 years) because they do not run all the time. Maintaining or repairing a tankless water heater is simple and affordable as well. Replacing parts when they begin showing signs of wear and tear can extend the life of a tankless water heater by five years or more.

Disadvantages of a Tankless Water Heater

If your water is hard and you have been using a water softener, you’ll have to keep the water softener to prevent damage to a tankless water heater. Hard water will often stain clothes washed in hard water and contribute to accumulation of mineral deposits in both standard water tanks and a tankless water heater.

In some cases, retrofitting your home with a tankless water heater is more complicated due to connection and pipe installation issues. bluefrog Plumbing + Drain’s skill plumbers have experience with installing a tankless water heater and can find affordable resolutions to any installation problem.

Types of the Gas-Fueled Tankless Water Heater

Standard Ignition

You do not need to hook up a gas-powered tankless water heater to an electrical system. Instead, the pilot light burns continuously to provide hot water on-demand.

Direct Ignition

With this type of gas-powered tankless water heater, you will have to connect the unit to an electrical system or use heavy-duty batteries to “ignite” the heating element.

Power Ignition

No electricity or batteries are needed to run a power ignition tankless water heater. As soon as water begins flowing through the unit and a turbine, it self-activates to provide hot water.

Features of The Electric Tankless Water Heater

  • Tend to be more environmentally friendly and efficient when it comes to providing hot water during high-demand times in the home. Alternately, they use more energy than a gas-fueled tankless water heater.


  • Simpler in design than a gas tankless water heater (easier to maintain and repair).


  • No exhaust is produced so no vents are needed to remove exhaust gases

Finally, Irving, TX residents may be able to find an electric tankless water heater that is two to three hundred dollars cheaper than a gas tankless water heater. Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain today to learn more about pricing tankless water heaters.

Depend Only On Professional Plumbers to Install and Maintain a Tankless Water Heater

An improperly installed tankless water heater can reduce the energy efficiency, interfere with getting enough hot water when needed and possibly increase your monthly energy bill.

When bluefrog plumbers install water heaters, they consider numerous factors prior to starting the actual installation process, such as safety issues, building code compliance (when applicable) and whether the tank will accommodate the hot water needs of the household.

Upon request, bluefrog will provide estimates of an installation project and perform research on your local community’s codes. We urge local residents not to try and install a tankless water heater after watching a DIY video or reading instructions from an online plumber. Our plumbers have the real-world skills, knowledge and tools needed to install one or more tankless water heaters in your home where they would best accommodate hot water demands.

Periodic inspection and maintenance of both gas-powered and an electric tankless water heater will definitely extend the life and efficiency of your water heater. By having our plumbers inspect your tankless water heater twice a year, you significantly reduce the chance of experiencing unexpected failure and no hot water. Since a tankless water heater does not run all the time, it can be hard to spot signs of potential problems leading to an impending breakdown.

bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas is here for all your plumbing needs! Call us today to learn more about the benefits of tankless water heaters.

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