What You Need to Know Before That Plumbing Repair | Irving, TX

What You Need to Know Before That Plumbing Repair | Irving, TX

Your Irving, TX home definitely deserves the best and that’s why you’re likely very particular about who you let come inside. When you need plumbing repair that still doesn’t change. You want to make sure that you’re getting the right people to take care of things for you and in order to do that you’re going to want to ask some important questions. We’re going to present you with some of the important questions you’ll want to ask and why they’re so important before you hire someone to take care of your plumbing needs.

Are You Licensed?

This is one of the first things that you should be asking any plumber that you hire for your home because it means that they actually know what they’re doing and have done at least a certain level of training in order to perform that plumbing repair.

Are You Insured?

This means that if something were to happen to the plumber while they were performing a plumbing repair they would be covered under their own insurance. It also means if they damage something in your home that’s going to be covered by their insurance as well.

Are You Bonded?

This means that if the plumber makes a mistake or does something wrong then you’ll be able to get reimbursed for it. If you file any sort of claim it will go to this bonding and you will get money from there (if your claim is approved that is).

How Long Have You Been in Business?

Before hiring someone for plumbing repair you want to be sure that they know what they’re doing, right? Well, that’s why you’re going to want to know just how long they’ve actually been in business because it shows they have some experience.

Can I Talk to Your References?

You want to know who the references are that they can provide you. Any plumber that you hire for any type of plumbing repair should be able to provide you with a few numbers that you can call of clients that they’ve worked with in the past who liked the job they did.

How Much Does X Service Cost?

You want to know a ballpark figure of the specific service that you want. If it’s something basic, like a fixture replacement, there may be a flat charge. If it’s something more extensive there might be a range or you may get a per hour rate instead. You want to have a general idea of what to expect before you bring them in for the job.

When Will You Be Here?

When you schedule an appointment you will generally have to give a date and you may be invited to give a time that you would like your appointment to be. You want to know what time they will actually be there, which could be presented as a range.

What Will You Need From Me?

Find out what they’re going to need from you when they arrive. This could be information about the source of the problem (if you know it) or the type of problem that you’ve been experiencing. It could mean clearing out an area around the drain or just staying out of the way.

How Long Will It Take?

There is always going to be some leeway on a job because some will take a little longer and some will take a little less time. You still want to have a general idea of how long the job is going to take so you can be prepared.

What Happens if There’s a Bigger Problem?

When you call a plumber you’re going to authorize a specific job. You want to know what’s going to happen if they find out the problem is bigger than what was originally planned. Will they talk to you before doing something about it or will they just fix it and charge you?

When Do I Need to Make the Payment?

Will you need to pay for the services immediately when the bill is handed to you? Will that bill be given to you at your home after the service is complete or will it be sent out later? Do you need to put down a deposit for larger jobs? Find out all of these things before the plumber comes out for that plumbing repair so you’re not surprised.

How Can I Make a Payment?

Are you able to pay cash? Can you use a credit card? Can you use a check? You want to know what kind of payments are accepted and who is going to accept them. This will allow you to be prepared with the right form of payment right at the time of the service.

What Happens if Something Breaks or is Done Improperly?

If there’s a problem you want to know what the procedure is for getting things taken care of. Who do you contact? How do you get everything put back the way it should be?

Who Will Be Here?

You definitely want to know who is going to be showing up at your house to perform the plumbing repair. If you don’t know who to expect it can be a little unnerving to let them into your home. Make sure you’re prepared for who will be there and how many people will be there as well.

If you’re looking for any type of plumbing repair make sure that you call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas. Your Irving, TX home is going to be in good hands with us. We’ll make sure to answer all of your questions and get your house in the right shape that you expect. Whether you’ve got something major that needs to be taken care of immediately or something minor that you can wait a little longer for, we make sure your plumbing repair is taken care of right away. After all, we know how important your home is to you and your family.

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