8 Signs Drain Cleaning Isn’t Enough | Carrollton, TX

8 Signs Drain Cleaning Isn’t Enough | Carrollton, TX

What happens when your drains start to have some real, serious problems? Well, there are a number of things that could happen and we’re going to talk about a few of them right here. By the time we’re done you’re going to know what you should be watching out for and what are some signs that you’re not going to get things taken care of with just drain cleaning alone. Your Carrollton, TX home may need a little bit more than that.

Contaminated Water– This is a big sign that something is happening inside your drains. If you’re starting to see that your water is cloudy or has debris in it then that’s definitely a sign that there’s a big problem. You absolutely don’t want to drink contaminated water and getting regular drain cleaning isn’t going to take care of whatever the contamination is. Instead, you need to make sure that you have a professional out to take a closer look at the inside of your pipes and what might need to be done. Or the problem could be something with the water in your area, which is another thing to have checked carefully.

Old Pipes– If you have old pipes then you’re going to want them to be looked at for more than drain cleaning. For example, homes that are built with polybutylene pipes are experiencing some serious problems when it comes to those pipes. You want to get them taken care of immediately and replaced. Some other materials of pipes might need to be replaced as well and if you have them you don’t want to wait until they fail. Instead, you want to make sure you call a professional right away, and not just for some regular drain cleaning.

Rust Spots– Your pipes are (typically) made with some form of metal and that means they can start to rust depending on the material. If they do then you need this to be checked out before it becomes a major problem. Drain cleaning won’t take care of rust. Instead, you’re going to need to replace pipes or you need to coat them very well in order to keep the rust from getting into the water that’s flowing through those pipes. Even small rust spots could be a problem.

Cracks & Holes– If your pipes are starting to break down that’s definitely not a good sign. You want to make sure that you are looking into problems even if they seem minor. Even a small leak could turn into something very serious if you aren’t really careful about it. You want to be sure that you get small holes and cracks patched and large ones replaced as soon as possible. You never know when that smaller crack could suddenly become much larger as a result of a burst pipe or something more serious.

Damp Spaces– If you have damp patches on your floors or your walls it means that water is leaking somewhere. That’s a sign that there’s serious trouble because in order for you to be able to feel it in either of these places it needs to have been leaking for quite a while and pooling up. This will cause structural damage to your home if it’s left alone for too long and that’s going to mean expensive repairs, if you can fix it at all. Getting things taken care of with more than drain cleaning as soon as you start to notice a damp patch is going to be crucial to protecting your family and your home.

Low Water Pressure– If your water pressure is starting to fail on you it means that the water is going somewhere. Your water heater isn’t going to give you less water and that means either someone turned down the water pressure or that water is being leaked out of the pipes somewhere along the away. You can’t fix this one with drain cleaning, but a plumber can absolutely see where the water is leaving your line and that’s going to help you get the problem fixed. After all, that bad water pressure is going to be a major problem because it means water is leaking somewhere in your home that you don’t know about.

Corrosion– Pipes that are starting to corrode are similar to pipes that are rusting and they’re going to be the same problem for you. It’s absolutely essential that you get these pipes repaired or replaced immediately because that corrosion and the chemicals that come off the pipes as a result of it are going to be a big problem for your water supply. You don’t want your water to be contaminated and that’s exactly what happens when those chemicals come into contact with it. Before long, your entire family could be sick.

Old Homes– If you just have an old house you may want to get everything looked at regularly. Even if your home has been remodeled and updated that doesn’t mean that the plumbing has seen the same benefits. You could end up with some serious trouble if you’re not careful just because you’re not keeping an eye on the plumbing that you have. Call a professional and not just for regular drain cleaning. They will be able to tell you the life expectancy of your plumbing and what you should be watching out for besides these things.

If you’re in need of plumbing repairs, drain cleaning or anything else at all, call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas. Your Carrollton, TX home needs some protecting and we can make sure that you are ready for absolutely anything. We’ll make sure that whether you need something minor or something more serious we get it taken care of. All you need to do is give us a call to schedule an appointment and let us know what your concerns are. From there, we take care of everything and you just sit back and relax. Your home will be good as new in no time at all.

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