What Will A Plumber Diagnose As The Cause Of The Knocking Sounds In Your Piping? | Denton, TX

What Will A Plumber Diagnose As The Cause Of The Knocking Sounds In Your Piping? | Denton, TX

The plumbing is a crucial system for any Denton, TX home. It ensures that you receive clean water from the utility provider, and also the wastes are drained away to the septic or sewer system. Hence, plumbing directly contributes to your home’s comfort, hygiene, and convenience. Unfortunately, the various components of your plumbing system aren’t fail-proof. For various reasons, the components will malfunction, making it necessary to have repair. This makes plumbing maintenance and inspections essential to protecting the plumbing system.

The loud bang sounds can be unnerving to the extent that they might make you think there’s an accident nearby. The loud knocking sound that you hear from your plumbing system might be caused by the following:

  • Expanding and contracting the hot water piping
  • Water hammer (The Ultra high-pressure surges are moving through the plumbing system.
  • The vibration of loose piping as water runs through.

Regardless of the cause, it might be essential to call a plumber to conduct further inspections whenever you hear loud knocking noises. In this blog, you will learn why you might hear the knocking when you turn on the hot water, among other scenarios. Hence, read on to get some insights into what you should do and whether calling a plumber will be necessary. Below are some of the scenarios and causes of the banging sound.

Knocking Sound Just After Turning On the Hot Water

Do you hear a constant knocking and loud sound whenever you turn on the hot water faucets? Then the main culprit, in this case, is substandard CPVC piping. The pipes’ material usually contracts and expands whenever the heated water starts flowing through. This is the leading cause of the intermittent knocking sounds you hear behind the walls of various rooms at your Denton, TX home.

You must understand some homes still use CPVC pipes for hot water supply. Hence, ensure that you have a plumber inspect the piping before you purchase a new home. Whenever you hear knocking and banging sounds, whenever heated water is running via the pipes, they might be caused by a bad connection in the lines.

Further, if this arises in tight spaces where the sound can resonate, the piping was improperly installed. Enough insulation might not have been placed on the pipes. If the CPVC pipes are of good quality, they will never cause such issues, even at high pressure. Hence, if your home uses CPVC pipes and you have noticed that they haven’t been insulated, have a plumber install an insulation layer around them.

If you notice uncharacteristic sounds emanating from the pipes, giving the pipes a breathing space and finding their source is the only solution. Have a plumbing expert replace the CPVC pipes with copper pipes that work better with hot water. Installing new piping involves cutting through the walls and CPVC piping, so it is recommended that you let the work be done by a professional.

Knocking Sounds from the Pipes When Cold Water Flows

High pressure is the leading cause of the knocking sound when the cold water runs via the piping. The high pressure arises when some sections of the piping aren’t tight enough to handle the pressure properly. The high flow rates can result in turbulent flows that rattle and shake the pipes as they try to keep up with the water that is mobbing at a fast rate. This process ends up making the pipes produce loud knocking and banging sounds.

Whenever you notice that the water pressure at your home has increased, you must have a plumbing professional check the pressure of the incoming water supply. The professional might also install a pressure gauge that you can use to check and control the water pressure. If the water pressure is over 80 PSI for over 10 minutes without lowering it for over 2 hours, it is time to call a plumber.

Knocking Sound Immediately After You Turn Off the Cold or Hot Water Faucets

Have you noticed that your pipes produce a loud banging sound whenever you turn off the faucets? That is most likely caused by a phenomenon called water hammer. This phenomenon normally manifests as a loud “hammering” sound from the bathroom piping whenever you flush a toilet or suddenly turn off a faucet. A water hammer comes up when the incoming water is suddenly reflected at a valve. The sheer force and pressure have no place to go, resulting in that loud sound.

Water hammer not only results in the banging sound. It might also burst the pipes or crack the foundation depending on the extent of the force. It also may damage appliances such as water heaters and dishwashers. Therefore, you should call a plumber in Denton, TX, whenever you notice a water hammer. The professional will inspect the plumbing system for the location of the issue and tighten any loose piping. The professional might also insulate the pipes to keep them safe.

Intermittent Loud Knocking and Banging Sounds Whenever All the Faucets Are Off

Loud banging and knocking sounds when the hot or cold water flows via the pipes have been discussed above. But what could make the pipes produce a banging sound when all your faucets are off? This is most probably caused by sediment accumulation in your water heater. Sedimentation is among the leading nemesis of your water heater.

The knocking sound that you hear means that there has been excessive sediment accumulation. It is produced when the sediments bang on the walls of the water heater tank. A water heater features two heating elements, one at the top and the other at the bottom. Whenever the sediments cover the heating element at the bottom, its heating efficiency is reduced. For this reason, homeowners are advised to have a plumber flush their water heater tanks yearly to remove any accumulated sediments.

The Top Plumbing Professionals to Call

A plumbing system is essential. Without it, you might not have enough water, and waste might not have a way of flowing from your home. This means your home will not be comfortable and is a health nightmare waiting to happen. Hence, you must ensure that a plumber maintains and inspects it regularly.

The professionals can uncover why it produces such knocking sounds and take the necessary measures to repair the appliance. Do you need a reliable, licensed, professional plumber to inspect and service your plumbing system? Call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today.

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