Plumber Explains The Causes Of The “Water Hammer” Phenomenon | Denton, TX

Plumber Explains The Causes Of The “Water Hammer” Phenomenon | Denton, TX

For the convenience and comfort of your Denton, TX home, you should pay attention to what transpires within the plumbing system. Ideally, you should not hear any noise from the plumbing if it operates correctly. However, because of some underlying problems, you could hear noises, whether gurgling, banging, popping, or even hissing, come from the plumbing system and fixtures. Any noise coming from a plumbing appliance or institution is a sign that you should enlist the help of a plumber to inspect the plumbing system, locate the origin of the sound, and take the necessary measures to resolve it.

Have you heard a loud banging noise from your pipes, especially when you turn off a tap? That should be a cause for concern. The phenomenon is called “water Hammer” in plumbing terms. If not addressed by a professional urgently, it could have lots of impacts on your plumbing systems, especially the piping.

What Does Water Hammer Mean?

As aforementioned, whenever you hear a loud banging noise from your plumbing system, especially after you close the faucet, that phenomenon is called a water hammer. It arises whenever rapidly flowing water suddenly stops within the pipes because the faucet valve is turned off. The sudden stop of water flow produces a loud banging noise within the pipes akin to a hammer hitting the pipes.

Water hammer may be in the form of a single loud bang or multiple banging sounds; that is, a loud banging sound followed by several echoes. If the noise arises when you open a tap, air could be within the piping. On the contrary, if the sound occurs when you shut off the faucets, that is most probably a water hammer. Whenever you are experiencing a water hammer at your home, you should immediately call a plumber to have the plumbing system inspected. After assessing the problem, the professionals will use their experience and tools to fix the issue to ensure your pipes are protected from this phenomenon.

Water hammer isn’t a normal plumbing condition. Unfortunately, some homeowners leave it be because it doesn’t impact the water flow. However, it is a sign of an underlying issue within the pipes, and a professionally trained plumber should come, inspect them, and fix them. If left unaddressed, a water hammer could have damaging and dire impacts on your home’s plumbing system. Below are some of the impacts of the water hammer.

Effects of Water Hammer

Although it might sound and look harmless, that impact force on a valve is caused by the momentum in the flowing water and may create pressure spikes that might even exceed the working pressure within your plumbing system. The sudden stoppages of the water flow and the resultant increase in water pressure within the pipes because of the shockwaves might cause considerable damage to your home’s plumbing system. This may be because of either a single event or cumulative damage that has occurred over time. Regardless, you should have a plumber inspect the plumbing system to pinpoint where the sound is coming from and take the necessary measures to fix it. The effects of a water hammer include:

Flow System and Pump Damage

If left unattended by a professional plumber, the repeated water hammer might damage the existing valves, pumps, and other plumbing appliances. A water hammer might also result in significant failure of the gasket and expansion joints. Additionally, this could substantially impact the integrity of the welded joints and pipe walls. Hence, you should call a plumbing service provider whenever you hear the loud banging sound upon turning off the faucets.


Water hammer will undoubtedly damage the connections, joints, and fittings within your plumbing system, ultimately resulting in leakages. The leaks will initially begin as drips and gradually increase in intensity as the issue repeats. Leakages are every homeowner’s nightmare because of the damaging effect and impact on water utility bills.

Therefore, you should take a proactive approach by calling a plumber whenever you hear loud banging sounds. The professional will inspect the plumbing system, and if the issue is diagnosed as a water hammer, they will take the appropriate measures to resolve it effectively. Remember, leaks, especially under the slab, could damage the structural integrity of your beautiful and valuable Denton, TX home.

Ruptured Pipes

One of the particularly damaging impacts of a water hammer is rupturing the pipes. Ruptured or burst pipes are costly to repair because of the pressure spikes. As a result, you might be forced to replace the pipes earlier than you could have planned. Hence, you must pay due attention to what is happening inside the plumbing system and alert a plumber whenever you suspect a water hammer. Burst pipes can also result in many water losses, meaning you’ll pay a considerably high water utility bill. Because of the high volume of water, burst pipes will also result in severe water damage. So, besides the replacement cost, there are other associated costs that you might incur.

Blown Diaphragm

The other effect of a water hammer is a blown diaphragm. This results from the high pressure that results from a water hammer effect. The diaphragm is used to separate water and air within a pressure tank. Hence, if the diaphragm blows, the pressure system can’t regulate the flow of water properly or at all. Therefore, the water flow and pressure at your home are impacted. For this reason, your showers, laundry, handwashing, and other water uses will take longer than usual. Hence, whenever you hear a water hammer, call in a professional plumber for further inspection.

External Property Damage

Water leaks occasioned by a water hammer can damage your home’s electrical equipment if left unchecked. The water leakages also could damage your home’s foundation and result in equipment corrosion. Since the leaks start as slow flows and drips, this might encourage mold growth, which can severely impact your family’s health and well-being. Thus, always call a plumbing professional whenever you suspect there is a water hammer at your Denton, TX home.

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Have you heard the loud banging sound when you suddenly turn off the faucet? That phenomenon is called a water hammer; as explained above, it could damage your plumbing system. Therefore, you should contact your reliable and professional plumber whenever you suspect a water hammer. Don’t fall victim to the impacts of the water hammer. Reach out to our licensed plumbing team at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas today next time you hear the loud banging sound.

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