What Can You Do If Your Basement Floods? An Emergency Plumber Is The Answer | Carrollton, TX

What Can You Do If Your Basement Floods? An Emergency Plumber Is The Answer | Carrollton, TX

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Any house owner would shudder at the thought of dealing with a flooded basement. It not only spells wreckage but is also a prelude to several other problems like mold, damaged electric wiring, and trouble with the plumbing.

Contacting your emergency plumber as soon as you can is the best way to save your basement and possibly your home. Basement floods are not uncommon in Carrollton, TX, due to the humid weather. Here are a few pointers on what you can do if your basement gets flooded.

What Causes Basement Floods?

Many reasons could trigger basement floods. They include:

Drainage Issues

Your foundation drainage system works to keep the water level surrounding the foundation lower than the basement floor. The system may degrade over time or get clogged.

Drainage problems could also be caused when sump pumps responsible for pumping out the water fail to do their job on account of damage or clogging.

Clogged Laterals

Several things can go wrong with a sanitary lateral. Laterals can degrade with time. Tree roots and other underground substances could penetrate the lateral, causing a clog or backup. Defective sanitary laterals are common causes for domestic flooding by wastewater. If your sanitary lateral is damaged, your only solution would be to call your emergency plumber before the situation gets out of control. Your plumber could inspect your laterals and do the required maintenance.

Broken Pipes

Broken pipes are a typical reason for basement flooding. If there is a break in your basement’s internal plumbing, it causes flooding if not fixed as soon as possible. Your plumber will repair the plumbing before it breaks further due to water pressure.

Overland Flooding

Surface water that collects around the house during heavy rainfall or snow melts could set off basement floods. This water could flow into your basement or tamper with your plumbing system. If you live in the area it might be a good idea to get your emergency plumber to do the required plumbing maintenance if you’re expecting wet weather.

Sewage and Seepage

A rise in water table levels can activate a basement flood. The water can seep in through holes or cracks in the basement wall or floor. This is especially possible during rainy or snowy weather.

A sewage backup is another cause of flooding. Most Carrollton, TX homes have only one direct connection to the central sewer system. When the sewer gets full or there are heavy rains, a sewage backup can occur.

The Aftermath of a Basement Flood

A flooded basement could generate a lot of problems besides property damages.


The moisture that a flood leaves behind instigates the growth of mold in your basement. Mold thrives in damp spaces made of wood and cardboard. It can cause severe health problems like allergies, irritation in the eyes, colds, and even brain-related issues. If your basement was flooded, you might want to consider speaking to your plumber on ways to remove and prevent mold.

Damage to Your Possessions

Water can cause massive damage to your belongings. It would be best to act quickly, especially if you have electronics in your basement. Water can damage and destroy furniture, electronics, and wiring.

How to Manage a Basement Flood

Basement flooding can cause severe water damage to your home and is not a DIY activity. Seeking the help of your emergency plumber can help mitigate the impact.

Make Sure You Are Safe

If you think the flooding is dangerous, you might consider packing a few essentials and leaving the house immediately after contacting your emergency plumber.

Contact the Experts

Once you establish the area is safe, contact your emergency plumber. When the plumbing expert arrives, they can do the necessary assessments and repairs. Professional plumbers have equipment like pumps and vacuums that can clean the water immediately.

Remove Your Belongings

After your emergency plumber has drained the water, you may retrieve your belongings in the order of priority. It would be best to remove electrical and electronic items first before moving on to furniture and carpets.

Find the Underlying Problem

After you are done cleaning and restoring your basement, try and do everything you can to prevent future flooding. A good start will be to find the reason for the flood. Your emergency plumber can get to the bottom of the issue with inspection and assessment. The expert will also educate you on what you need to do to avoid a similar situation.

Finding the broken pipe or damaged sump is the first step to maintenance. Once the damage is detected, your plumber will try to identify the cause of the damage. Getting to the root cause is the best way to solve it.

Fix and Replace

It may not always be as simple as taping a pipe crack with insulation tape. You may need to replace your plumbing and drainage components to put an end to the problem. If the flood was caused by sewage backup, you might have to apply for an additional indirect connection to the main sewer.

Regular Inspection and Maintenance

Regular check-ups and inspections by your emergency plumber can help prevent flooding. You may ask the experts to check how stable the piping is or how strong the sump and foundation are. Fixing cracks and leaks as soon as they come to attention is also essential. If you live in the area it’s best to stay prepared ahead of winter or tropical weather.

Let Your Local Plumber Help You Manage the Problem

If you live in the area and anticipate a basement flood, contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas to dodge damage and loss. Our plumbing experts can also help you restore your basement. To schedule an appointment with us, call at 469-573-2535.

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