5 Plumber Tips For The Holidays | Denton, TX

5 Plumber Tips For The Holidays | Denton, TX

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As the summer holidays approach, you might want to start planning for the next get-together. Cue the grill! If you’ll have family or friends visiting and staying at your home, you need to be particularly careful in ensuring all of the preparations are in place. In particular, you want to confirm that your plumbing is in the best condition possible. This will help prevent unnecessary problems that ruin the holiday atmosphere and mood.

In this article, we’ll look at several plumbing tips that you can implement by yourself. If you need any additional help, contact a plumber. A licensed professional will be able to “safe-proof” your home so that you’re less likely to face plumbing emergencies and problems during the festivities.

#1. Avoid the Garbage Disposal as Much as Possible

If you have guests coming over for the holidays, you’re likely going to cook up a feast or order out. If you’re doing a potluck or BBQ, you’re probably expecting your guests to bring a lot of delicious, home-cooked food with them. One of the main problems surrounding holidays is food waste, and many people are quick to throw their leftovers down the garbage disposal. This is one of the worst things that you can do during the holidays and may cause you to have to call a plumber over to unclog your drains.

One of the best things that you can do is to keep a lot of garbage cans and bags around the house. Encourage all of your guests to throw their leftover food into the garbage rather than down the garbage disposal. It’s also a good idea to scrape off any leftover sauce that’s on the late.

If you absolutely must use the garbage disposal, turn the water on for a few seconds before using it. You should also leave the water running for several minutes afterward to ensure that all the waste is properly cleared from your plumbing. If you notice that the drains are getting clogged, call a plumber in Denton, TX sooner rather than later. The longer that you wait, the worse that the problem will become.

#2. Conserve Hot Water by Using Cold Water for Washing Machines

If you’re accustomed to using hot water for the dishwasher and washing machine, you might want to make some minor changes when you have guests over. In general, it’s usually okay to use cold water for washing machines. This will allow you to conserve hot water for showers instead, so everyone in the home can enjoy a nice hot bath or shower. Before the guests arrive, it’s also a good idea to have a plumber inspect the hot water tank to make sure that there are no observable problems that can be addressed immediately. When you have guests over, your hot water system will likely become overworked. This can easily cause minor problems to become major ones in a flash.

Another recommendation that many professionals make is to space out when each person takes a shower. Depending on the type of hot water heating system that you have in your home, making sure that the hot water heating tank has room to recuperate after each person can help. If you’re expecting a high demand for hot water, you might even want to talk to your plumber about installing tankless water heaters. These plumbing appliances will not only greatly improve the quality of living within your home, but they will also improve the market value of your property as well.

#3. Keep a Plunger in Every Washroom

Although your toilet might be functioning properly right now, you never know what will happen when you have a lot of guests over. You can help avoid many messy and gross situations by simply having a plunger in every washroom. That way, the occupant can easily take care of the problem if the toilet appears to be clogged. You can easily find a plunger at your local supermarket.

There are many different types of plungers available. Some of them include:

  • Flange plungers, which are mostly used to clear clogged toilets. These plungers have a rubber cup with a sleeve-like extension at the bottom that will fit into the toilet drain and create a tight seal. They’re incredibly easy to use and can deal with just about any clogged toilet with ease.


  • Beehive plungers, which literally look like a beehive attached to a stick. These plungers are rounded cylinders with a wider middle. They can fit just about every toilet bowl and shape and are highly recommended for elongated toilet bowls.


  • Cup plungers, which are the most common plungers out there and can be used for both sinks and toilets. They’re also typically the easiest to find and the most cost-effective option around. These plungers have a flat bottom and a flexible rubber cup that will seal over the drain. It’s worth it to purchase one of these plungers for your kitchen. They can help unclog kitchen drains in no time without having to call a professional plumber.

If you’re dealing with a very stubborn clog, the best thing that you can do is to give a plumber a call. A licensed plumber will have the technical know-how and tools needed to unclog any drain within no time, so everyone can get back to the holiday festivities immediately!

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