Water Heater Repair And Major Water Heater Brands | Carrollton, TX

Water Heater Repair And Major Water Heater Brands | Carrollton, TX

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If you need water heater repair you should know what brand of water heater you actually have. There are many brands of water heaters available on the market that do things a little bit differently but will all eventually need repair or replacement. When that happens it’s good to know who and what is available by the major players and we’re going to go over that here. The area has a lot of opportunities for you to get a repair as we live in a place where it is warm all year and very rarely will you have an issue where a feeding line can freeze, although as we learned in February that is still a possibility every once in a while.

Major Brands

If you need water heater repair and you have any of these brands you’re going to be in good shape, as they are ubiquitous in the area making repair or replacement easy. The first major brand that we’ll look at is A.O. Smith. They make both residential and commercial water heaters as well as boiler units and water storage tanks. Products made by A.O. Smith are a favorite of water heater repair locations because they are available exclusively to wholesalers and contractors of plumbing equipment. They make multiple types of hot water heaters including tankless units, hybrid units, and high efficiency tank water heaters. A.O. Smith units are built across five continents, and sell them across both North America and Asia.

The next major brand is an appliance powerhouse, General Electric or GE. Getting water heater repair for GE’s can be done even though they are exclusively sold through Home Depot. GE focuses on tank water heaters and have multiple levels of size, energy efficiency, and warranty. If you are looking for a heat pump water heater from GE look for the brand GeoSpring. They recently announced that they will be built in Louisville, KY and made by Rheem, we’ll get to them next.

If you call for water heater repair and your unit is branded with a Rheem logo you know you’ll have a similar experience as a GE unit. Rheem units are more flexible with the offering of tank and tankless as well as special configurations to allow solar water heating. This is an option that can come in handy in Carrollton, TX where the sun is out about 230 days per year. Rheem is also available at Home Depot for their tankless options but their tank water heaters are available through a network of dealers or online. Rheem units are made in the same plants as GE, since they make and market both brands.

A brand that has been suffering recently is Kenmore. This appliance brand was considered the top shelf across homes in America for decades and was sold exclusively at Sears. They are still available there, but no longer exclusively. Calling for water heater repair for one of these is not as easy as it was 20 or even 10 years ago as Sears has dried up and can make the decision to fix versus repair much easier. They still have multiple sizes of tank water heaters and feature electronic temperature control configurations they call Power Miser or Hydrosense, depending on the unit. Interestingly , Kenmore is now owned by a subsidiary of AO Smith called the State Industries.

Our final major water heater brand we’ll go over in this is Whirlpool. Another big brand in home appliances Whirlpool is still out there. They make tank water units that are for both gas and electric hookups and come in multiple sizes, styles, and power vent configurations. Whirlpool sells their water heaters mainly through Lowe’s stores. Another change over the past few years Whirlpool sold their water heater division off to AO Smith, meaning the Whirlpool brand is also just a name slapped on the unit. They will even share the same plants around the world, including in the United States, as other AO Smith products.

The Minor Brands

This is where water heater repair gets touchy. Smaller brands, if they are older or if they are independent from the big names, could make servicing these units difficult. But not all small brands are the same. The first we’ll talk about is Bradford White. Bradford White is another AO Smith subsidiary but is generally seen as a premium brand, meaning they have advantages other AO Smith products may not get.

The other small brand that is owned by AO Smith is the State brand. State water heaters started by making electric water heaters in 1948. They’ve been part of the AO Smith conglomeration since 2001 and now oversee the production of the much more well known Kenmore brand.

Another small brand that has been gobbled up by the big boys is Eemax. Eemax are the purveyors of the EcoSmart tankless electric water heaters and were acquired by Rheem in 2015. Since then Rheem has kept them going and incorporated Eemax into their overall portfolio.

A group from overseas that has recently joined the American water heater game is Rinnai. Rinnai is a Japanese company that makes mostly large gas appliances and small kitchen appliances. They recently opened a manufacturing plant in Peachtree City Georgia. Rinnai is hoping their international experience will translate to long term success in North America.

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