Things New Home Buyers Need to Know to Prevent Plumbing Repair | Carrollton, TX

Things New Home Buyers Need to Know to Prevent Plumbing Repair | Carrollton, TX

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When it comes to buying a new house, you want to check on a number of things to make sure you’re getting a great place. The realtor that you work with should be able to help you, but you want to make sure you’re talking to other professionals as well. A plumbing repair professional in Carrollton, TX is definitely an important person to talk to as well because they can tell you about some of the signs of a problem in a new home.

Check the Water Heater

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the water heater is working properly. This means looking for any signs of rust and also any signs of water around the unit. Make sure you check the manufacture date if you can see it to be sure it’s not too old. You should also be able to find out about when it was actually installed and even when the last service was done on it so you can see whether it’s due for plumbing repair sometime soon.

Check the Fixtures

You want to make sure that the sink works, and the drains clear properly. Make sure that the toilet does flush and that it doesn’t leak in the process. You also want to make sure that it clears properly when it flushes (that just means that all the water flows through with enough power, but you don’t want to use the bathroom during a showing). You should check to be sure the fixtures are installed properly as well to make sure that leaks haven’t been happening that have been cleaned up for the purposes of showing you the house. That would mean you have to get plumbing repair. 

Check the Water Pressure

What does the water pressure look like when you turn on the shower or the sink? Does water seem to be flowing through at a good rate? Do you have good pressure that you’re going to be happy with? Remember, too hard of pressure or too light of pressure could mean problems for the plumbing. You want something that comes right in the middle. A plumbing repair professional will be able to tell you more about the specific pressure level that you need. That way you can make sure you’re not going to have as many problems.

Check the Pipes

Look at the pipes that you can see to find out what they’re made of. You don’t want something that’s too old like galvanized pipes because they could be starting to near the end of their time. You also want to make sure the pipes are in good repair, no matter what they’re made of. Are they free of any obstructions? Do they look like they’ve been taken care of and like they have no rust or other damage? You want to make sure that you have something in good shape.

Check the Garbage Disposal

If there is a garbage disposal you want to try it out. Ice cubes will be a great way to do this because they don’t hurt your disposal (if you’re only doing this once in a while) and they don’t cause harm to your drains when they get through. Make sure you only put a few ice cubes in and then run the disposal to see if it sounds normal. It should break through the ice cubes easily and it shouldn’t whine or stall in the process. You should be able to hear whether it’s running properly or if something is getting stuck or worn on the inside.

Ask About Pipes

Talk with the homeowner if they are there or with the realtor if not and find out more about how old the pipes actually are. Even if you’ve looked at them you want to find out more to be sure. You also want to know about the pipes in the walls that you can’t see. Ask about what other type of plumbing there is (if any) and how long since any of it has been updated. You don’t want to have to pay for plumbing repair just after you get a new house because you have problems with the pipes.

Check the Connections

If there are water-based appliances you want to check all of the hoses. That means the dishwasher and the washing machine especially. Make sure that these are connected properly and that there’s no sign of water damage around where the hoses are. You also want to make sure that there are no signs of damage to the hoses which could indicate that there was a problem. All of these items should still be connected so you can monitor them (unless they’re not staying with the house).

Check the Outside

You’ll need to look at the gutters and the downspouts to make sure water is being directed properly from the roof all the way away from the house. If there are no gutters or no downspouts or if they’re not connected properly check the foundation of the house. You want a professional to look at the foundation in that case to make sure there’s no water damage. A plumbing repair that involves your foundation is going to be expensive and that’s not something you want to deal with unless absolutely necessary.

When it comes to getting your next home, you need to talk with a professional in plumbing repair. They’ll be able to help you take a closer look at what’s going on in the home. Not only that but they can tell you about what to watch for. You don’t want to pay for plumbing repair on a brand-new home and that’s why you should call bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas. We can come out to your Carrollton, TX home and take a look at your plumbing. We’ll make sure that everything is working right and that your plumbing repairs are going to be minimal at best. That way, you can make sure you’re getting a great house for your family.

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