The Most Common Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning | Carrollton, TX

The Most Common Reasons You Need Drain Cleaning | Carrollton, TX

What kind of things are you putting in your drain? You want to make sure that you aren’t clogging up the drain with some of the most common foods and ingredients that tend to cause damage and serious expenses. We’re going to talk about the most popular things that people tend to put down their disposal and why they can be such a danger to the way that your entire plumbing system works. So, take a look at these and see which ones you might be putting into your disposal.

Chemical Cleaners

This one is something that you might not think of as being a problem, however it can be extremely dangerous for a number of reasons. For one thing, it’s very bad for your family if anyone were to ingest it or even get it on their clothes or skin. For another, it’s bad for the drains themselves because these cleaners are highly corrosive and can cause extensive damage and decay to the pipes. Finally, they’re very bad for the environment, which they seep into as the cleaners work their way through your pipes and finally into the overall septic system and the ground surrounding it.


Grease and oil are very bad for your pipes because they tend to cause clogs almost immediately. This is because these two ingredients go into the drain as liquid, but they very quickly start to solidify and once they do it’s nearly impossible to get them out without some serious drain cleaning. You need a professional drain cleaning to remove them. Because of the liquid state that they start in, however, far too many people feel that there is no danger in pouring them down the drain and tend to continue pouring down more and more.


Pasta and rice are two ingredients that are cooked in water and they are known for swelling and taking on that water. If you put these down the drain they actually can get stuck and then can continue to absorb even more water and swell even further. This can cause clogs that only continue to get worse as you continue to pour even more water or even those chemical cleaners into the pipes. A proper drain cleaning is the only way to get them out of the pipes of your Carrollton, TX home.

Coffee Grounds

Did you know that coffee grounds can be a problem? Well, they actually can because they tend to get clogged up in your pipes quite easily. Not only that but they can start to mold once they get in there and before you know it you’ll have a very serious problem on your hands. These grounds are not easily washed away and the only thing you can do is call a professional for drain cleaning. Once you do, you’ll be able to take care of the mess, but there’s no way to get them out on your own.


Eggshells are one of the things that’s actually relatively controversial when it comes to whether it should go into your drains or not. On the one hand, the hard shell is actually good for your garbage disposal in some ways because it can help to sharpen the blades. On the other side of things, however, is the fact that the inner membrane of the egg can easily get stuck in the blades and wrap around the inner components. This can actually cause some very serious problems for your disposal and for the entire drain system as they stick.


Bones don’t break down easily in a garbage disposal and this can cause them to get lodged or jammed inside. If you’re not careful you could break the entire disposal by putting bones into it. If they do manage to get through the blades and into the pipes, however, they can still cause a great deal of trouble because they will get clogged or jammed inside the pipes. These definitely won’t come out with any of the traditional methods that you might use for cleaning out a clog and you’re not going to get them without a professional drain cleaning, and an extensive one at that.

Fibrous Foods

Fibrous foods are a problem because the fibers start to break down as soon as you put them in the garbage disposal. Things like corn husks and celery start to unravel and those pieces can very easily get stuck around the components of your garbage disposal. They can also start to wrap around the blades and may cause damage or even overheating of the disposal as it attempts to run while being held back. These foods may not look like much, but even a small amount of a fibrous product can cause a great deal of damage and the need for that drain cleaning.

Pits & Seeds

Did you know that these were a problem too? Just like with bones, these don’t get broken apart by the blades of your garbage disposal and that means they could jam the disposal or they could break it down. Even more, if they do happen to get past the blades and into the pipes they could cause a very serious clog. After all, a pit could be quite large and it’s very simple to back up a drain. You want to avoid putting these down the drain unless you’re looking to pay for an expensive drain cleaning.

No matter what’s happening in your Carrollton, TX home you want to make sure that you’re avoiding drain cleaning and the costs that go along with it. Well, the truth is that you can’t avoid this forever, but you absolutely can cut down on just how frequently you need to do it. By paying attention to the things that you put down your disposal and, in your drains, you should definitely be able to reduce the number of times you need drain cleaning and that’s going to save you a lot in the long run. Be sure to contact bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for all of your plumbing needs!

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