Pros And Cons Of Having A Plumber Bio-Clean Your Drains | Denton, TX

Pros And Cons Of Having A Plumber Bio-Clean Your Drains | Denton, TX

One of the most popular plumbing problems people face in their homes is clogged drains. They can cause health problems if they lead to sewage backups in sinks, overflowing sinks and toilets, and water damage. The blocked drainage and plumbing vents can also make your Denton, TX, house smell awful, making it a no go zone for visitors and friends.

Problems affecting the drainage require the immediate attention of a qualified plumber. Luckily, there are different methods they can use to get rid of the problem and eliminate the chances of indoor pools of water and mold growth.

These drain cleaning techniques include chemicals, airburst, snake, hydro jetting, and bio cleaning. If you are unsure of the drain cleaning method to use for your drains, continue reading to learn about the merits and demerits of the bio-cleaning method.

What Is a Bio-Clean?

Bio-clean is a formula that contains billions of natural bacteria and enzymes. It effectively eats up all organic waste in the drainage system, leaving your drains clean for a smooth flow of wastewater to the septic or sewer systems.

Plumbers use the bio-clean ultimate drain cleaning kit to clean the drainage, especially in cases of clogs that cause gross slow drains and standing water in your house. The combined bacteria and enzymes eliminate grease, cotton, food particles, hair, soap scum, and many other waste products found in your drain lines.

The plumbing professionals mix the formula with warm water to break down organic waste, working faster as the bacteria continue to multiply as they feed on the organic waste in the drains. The bio-cleaning method does not eliminate carbon dioxide, inorganic materials, and mineral ash.

Benefits of Bio-Cleaning

Does Not Harm Pipes

Using chemicals such as acid to clean the drainage system is susceptible to damage to the pipes, leaving behind more plumbing issues like leakages that might result in burst pipes and worse end in severe water damage and failure to notice the problems on time.

The harsh chemicals in your drains can make your demand for plumbing service contractors immediate repairs for replacements. The chemicals can also facilitate pipe corrosion, hence other plumbing mishaps.

Fortunately, other safe drain cleaning methods such as the bio-clean mixture can prevent the destruction of the drainage system. It is harmless to inorganic materials such as plastic pipes, implying you do not have to worry about potential damages that will leave you in disarray.

Does Not Produce Heat

Another benefit of the bio-clean formula of bacteria and enzymes is the safety of the plumber’s mixing and using it to clear out the clog in the drain lines.

They are not messy and toxic as other drain cleanings, acidic and alkaline chemicals that can burn the hands or skin of a careless plumber during the preparation and application process. The chemicals can also cause health-related issues such as eye and skin irritation.

Bio-clean offers a safer option because of the non-toxicity of the product. The formula does not generate heat, meaning it cannot burn the professional using it.

The plumbing service technician should wear protective gear, including goggles for the eyes and gloves for handling and preparing the Bio-cleaner, even if it is harmless or not, a standard plumbing measure.

Instant Mixture

The combined enzymes and bacteria are a rapid solution that is easy to mix and use. The plumbers pour the bio-clean solution into the drains immediately after mixing with warm water activating the enzymes and bacteria to start clearing the organic matter.

The bacteria instantly starts to multiply, speeding up the bio-cleaning process up to the end. However, the completion time will depend on the size of the drains in your Denton, TX, home and the accumulated dirt and waste in the system.

Drawbacks of Bio-Cleaning

Despite its advantages, Bio-clean has multiple disadvantages, including:

Takes Time to Clean the Pipes

The Bio-clean power instantly starts clearing the drain pipes but might take a couple of weeks to complete cleaning the drains. It is not for clients facing emergency plumbing issues such as backups, standing water, overflowing toilets, and the risk of water damage.

Other methods such as hydro-jetting might be the best solution for them. Plumbers can use the bio-cleaning technique during their periodic drain maintenance process after assessing the efficiency of the drains for longevity.

Unreactive to Inorganic Waste

Another downside of the Bio-clean mixture is that it cannot clear inorganic waste in the drain pipes. Despite being an advantage in protecting the plumbing pipes, all the inorganic waste, including tampons, pads, non-flushable papers, toys, and hair, remains in the drainage system.

If the inorganic waste is the reason behind a clog, then the bacteria and enzymes are ineffective in solving the situation. For that reason, most plumbing service experts do not prefer the bio-cleaning method in clearing clogs in homes.

Can Worsen A Clog

The last danger is that the bio-cleaners can make a blockage in the drains worse. Once the plumbing experts pour the bio-cleaner into the drainage system, the bacteria multiply drastically, preventing wastewater from passing through to the septic tank, worsening the obstruction.

The inorganic waste matter in the drains can also accumulate after the bacteria removes the organic waste, forming another severe blockage. In such a case, the plumber has to act promptly and get the hydro-jet that will clear the clog, including the inorganic pieces that bio-cleaners cannot eliminate.

Therefore, bio-cleaners are not the best in cleaning drains, and a plumbing service technician should only consider it if it is the last resort.

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