Plumbing Service For Spring | Carrollton, TX

Plumbing Service For Spring | Carrollton, TX

Spring is here! Most of us look forward to spring and the dawn of warm weather in Carrollton, TX. However, we need to think about plumbing services to prepare for the season. Winter weather can cause extensive wear and tear on plumbing systems, and problems may not be noticed immediately. Proactive plumbing services reduce the risk of a minor unknown issue becoming a potentially destructive plumbing emergency.

Sump Pumps

Households with sump pumps in basements and crawlspaces should make sure maintenance is a priority. A sump pump may protect your property from potential flooding. It also removes condensation produced by air conditioners and helps control humidity. The sump pump should be in good condition before potentially heavy rainfall during the spring months occurs.

Plumbing services for sump pumps may include checking drains that let water run outside and removing debris that could block outlets or drains. Check for signs that the pump is tilted and make sure the float valve is still in the correct position. It’s also important to examine electrical wires for any damage and make sure batteries are in good repair. You can check the float valve by pouring water into the pit around the sump pump until the float valve rises. Sometimes the sump pump, or the pit surrounding it, can develop foul odors. This is usually due to mold, mildew, or even bacteria. You can try cleaning your pump with a vinegar and water solution. Ask your plumbing service provider for assistance if the odor is still present after cleaning the pump.

Gutters and Storm Drains

Gutters and storm drains aren’t always thought of as a plumbing service issue, but they are important. Gutters give the water on your roof an easy path to the ground. Water always flows in the path of least resistance. Dirty, clogged gutters prevent effective drainage. Instead of draining onto an intended location on the ground, water overflowing from gutters will travel in the easiest direction.

Water building up on the roof may cause deterioration and make its way through any weak spots, which means water may end up draining inside your home. Storm drains are absolutely essential for proper drainage on your property. Spring may bring plenty of rain in Carrollton, TX. That rain can pool and form puddles in your yard. Poor drainage over an extended period can lead to a swampy mess around your home. It’s an even bigger problem if excess water is forced into your basement or crawlspaces. Your home’s foundation is also vulnerable to cracks and general deterioration if poor drainage isn’t addressed quickly.

Air Conditioners

You can check on air conditioning units while you’re evaluating gutters and outdoor drains. Leaves, sticks, dirt, and even small rocks can build up on an AC unit during the winter months when it isn’t needed. This debris restricts airflow, which interferes with performance and forces the unit to work harder. Make sure power to the unit is shut off before you start cleaning. Use a soft brush to carefully clean the fins so they don’t bend or break. You can also ask a professional to do this. Clear any debris on the ground near your AC as well.

Winter Wear and Tear

Winter weather is very hard on plumbing pipes and fixtures. Some problems, such as frozen pipes that burst from interior pressure, are obvious. However, you may not notice small cracks, pinhole leaks, or weakened pipe walls. These seemingly minor problems may be warning signs for more extensive problems in the future. It’s a good idea to consult a professional plumbing service provider to evaluate your home”s pipes and fixtures to make sure everything is in good repair after months of cold weather. This is also a good time to clean drain vents and remove debris for improved airflow. Don’t forget about outdoor faucets and other exterior fixtures as well.

Water Heaters

Keep an eye on your hot water heater. Maximum temperatures shouldn’t exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperature settings force the unit to use more energy, and extremely hot water may cause discomfort or burns. Many households turn up hot water temperatures during cold weather. A few small adjustments by multiple family members can add up to significant temperature increases. Turn the temperature back down when warm weather arrives to use less energy and relieve some of the unit’s workload.

Water heaters last approximately 15 years. The functional lifetime of individual units depends on maintenance and household demand for hot water. Common minerals found in water can also create sediment that builds up inside water heater tanks. Drain and clean the tank to remove sediment, improve performance, and reduce wear and tear on the appliance. The Schedule routine plumbing service maintenance every 6 to 12 months to maximize your water heater’s lifetime.

The same minerals that create sediment can leave residue on plumbing fixtures. This residue may clog shower heads or restrict water flow, which results in a weak or irregular stream. Some people use a small plastic bag filled with vinegar to remove mineral residue. Place the shower head in the bag and let it soak for at least an hour. If the vinegar is effective, you can remove the residue with a scrub brush. Unfortunately, mineral scale removal isn’t always successful. You may find it easier and less frustrating to add a new shower head to your plumbing service list.

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