How Plumbing Services Protect Your Home | Carrollton, TX

How Plumbing Services Protect Your Home | Carrollton, TX

Modern homes depend on plumbing infrastructure for daily tasks. Safe, clean drinking water is also dependent on plumbing pipes and fittings, so plumbing services are one of the most important aspects of home maintenance. Homeowners in Carrollton, TX, should be familiar with local plumbing services before a problem arises. Regular maintenance safeguards your home and the health and safety of the household.

Preventing and Monitoring Leaks

Water can cause a lot of damage inside and outside your home. Gallons of water flowing from a broken pipe or overflowing fixture can get out of hand very quickly. Severe weather events increase the risk of a plumbing problem. Keep your home safe by monitoring the integrity of plumbing pipes and fixtures and detecting leaks early.

Water sensors are a great safety feature for HVAC systems, water tanks, and drain pipes. An electronic sensor produces an audible alarm when water is detected. It’s possible to have some water in and around these locations without any problems, so most sensors have a minimum amount of water that will set off an alarm.

Automatic shut-off valves for specific plumbing fixtures are very useful and convenient safety features. A detection system monitors normal water flow and moisture levels so it can identify an abnormality immediately. The water supply is shut off before too much damage is done, and a notification lets the homeowner know that attention is needed immediately.

Sewer Line Inspections

Home inspections are quite common before purchasing a new house. Plumbing services may be required too. A general home inspector usually isn’t qualified to inspect sewer lines and other aspects of a home’s plumbing system. Hire a plumbing service to inspect your new home so you won’t have surprise issues come up later.

Sewer line inspections can find a number of serious problems. Tree root infiltration is a very common problem, especially in older homes. Tree roots always seek water and nutrients, which are abundant in sewer lines. Roots will make their way into the tiniest crack and expand from there. If root infiltration isn’t caught early, homeowners can end up with broken pipes and sewage waste flowing into the yard. Another problematic issue found by plumbing service inspections is blockages. A major blockage in a sewer line can cause backups into the house or cracks and breaks at the site of the clog. Either possibility results in sewage and other types of wastewater entering unsafe locations.

Signs of a Clogged Sewer Line

It’s important to know the signs of a possible clogged sewer line so you can address the situation immediately. Wastewater backing up and overflowing out of the drain is one sign, but most homeowners prefer to fix the problem before it gets to that point. Gurgling toilets are a common warning sign. The likelihood of a clogged sewer line increases if your toilet gurgles while you’re using water in other areas, such as the dishwasher or washing machine.

Slow drains may indicate a clog as well. A single slow drain may indicate a clog in drain pipes near the fixture, but slow drains in multiple areas of the house indicate a problem that affects the entire drainage system. Leaking drains are a red flag too. If the household is using water in one place but water leaks out of drains in other areas of the home, a problem in sewer lines is the most likely cause.

Professional plumbing services in Carrollton, TX, have up-to-date sewer line inspection equipment, such as small cameras capable of traveling through pipes. The camera can travel along the pipe while the operator observes the condition of pipe walls and every inch of the entire sewer line. When the blockage or break is located, the operator can also see the exact location and identify the problem instead of digging up the entire yard and trying to guess. An inspection before buying a home lets future homeowners know if there are any small cracks and other structural issues that could turn into large and potentially expensive problems later.

Results of an Inspection

The results of a sewer line inspection can lead to several courses of action. A clear inspection is a best-case scenario because it means the sewer line is not damaged and can simply be flushed out and cleaned. Repairs are necessary if cracks, holes, root infiltration, or deteriorating sections of pipe are found during the inspection.

At some point, repairs may not be a great choice, especially in homes built more than 20 years ago. Repiping may be necessary if deteriorating pipes are found in multiple places. Water should have a clean taste that is completely inoffensive. Foul odors and an unpleasant taste may come from debris, dirt, mineral residue, or rust on the side of your pipes. It’s important to consult a professional about plumbing services if you notice a very sudden change in the taste, smell or color of your water. Discoloration can be subtle. Slow discoloration of plumbing fixtures, dishes, and laundry may indicate a problem, even if water appears clear as it flows out of the tap.

The materials used in the original plumbing system play a role in deterioration too. Some materials break down faster than others, but even the most high-quality pipes will break down eventually. Hard water or acidic conditions can accelerate corrosion. Caustic chemicals in drain cleaning solutions and other household chemicals can damage plumbing too. Small repairs may be sufficient for occasional leaks in isolated areas. Frequent leaks in multiple sections of the house may indicate breakdown throughout the entire plumbing system. Weak, degraded pipes present a threat of flooding and water damage.

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