High Quality Copper Pipes Reduce The Frequency Of Emergency Plumbing Service | Carrollton, TX

High Quality Copper Pipes Reduce The Frequency Of Emergency Plumbing Service | Carrollton, TX

If you are shopping for plumbing pipes for your new residential house or your old home, you need help from a qualified plumbing service provider to make the right choice. The plumbing market has several domestic water supply pipes made of galvanized steel, acrylonitrile butadiene, cast iron, polyvinyl chloride, copper, and PEX. They all have their pros and cons, so you need to select the best.

Focusing on copper pipes, they come in three forms; M is thin and fit for indoor use, L is thick for the plumber to install them in walls, and K is thicker for outdoor installations.

These pipes have been in the plumbing industry for decades and are still the best for supplying water to plumbing fixtures such as sinks, tubs, showers, as well as draining household wastes to the municipality sewer line or private septic tanks. Let’s look at some of the reasons why they are the best pipes for your home’s plumbing system.


Copper pipes have a natural film that makes them rustproof and last for as long as half a century or more. Plumbing service contractors knowledgeable in the underground environment and its effects on the lifespan of copper piping systems check the soils to ensure they are not rich in calcium carbonate before installation. They also advise against using copper pipes when the water is from a well or hard water.

So, without the dangers of the surrounding climates, underground risk factors, or water quality, copper pipes can serve your water supply needs for up to as many years as time may allow if you hire a plumbing service provider for routine maintenance.

Handle High Water Pressure

Plumbing service professionals also recommend copper water lines due to their ability to withstand high pressure. The pipes can handle water pressure as high as 100 pounds per square inch without bursting and starting a leak or flood.

Water pressure for residential homes should be a maximum of 65 psi to protect your plumbing fixtures, faucets, and pipes from damage. If you prefer higher water pressure of more than 75 psi, you should get a plumbing service expert to install the rigid or flexible copper pipes in your residence.

Tolerant For Hot And Cold Water

If you’re a homeowner in Carrollton, TX, and have water heating systems in your home, you should consider copper pipes. The copper piping system can handle the heat and cold temperatures for a long time without deteriorating.

A plumber doesn’t need to winterize the copper pipes because they can survive an entire winter season without freezing compared to other plumbing materials.

For those who love taking vacations to other countries during the winter season, your plumbing system is going to be intact after a couple of months of freezing temperatures. You will not come back home to water damage surprises.


People also prefer copper pipes because they are environmentally friendly. The copper water lines do not generate or produce dangerous gasses to the environment during manufacturing. When a plumbing service provider removes old copper water lines, say, after more than five decades of service, the pipes can be recycled, reducing the harm to the surroundings compared to plastic water lines like PVC and PEX.


Most folks building a house or undertaking a repiping project prefer copper pipes because of their ability to resist rust. Copper water lines resist most types of rust because of their natural protective film on the surface. Plumbing experts prefer copper piping systems compared to iron and steel pipes. The pipes are rust-resistant as long as the water passing through them is not acidic or exposed to calcium carbonate.

Therefore, to ensure the pipes resist rust, be sure to find a plumbing service professional in Carrollton, TX who understands soil pH. They will install the pipes only if the water has a pH value of between 7.2 and 8.0. Plus, they should establish whether the water you use is hard or not before they recommend buying the pipes.

Protect Quality Of Water

Another reason for getting copper pipes for your home is the quality of clean water. Unlike plastic pipes, copper water lines cannot rupture or crack in an event where natural forces cause the ground to move or shift. This means they completely prevent contamination of the water moving through them. As such, homeowners cannot have colored or smelly water dripping from their faucets.

CDC and EPA recommend the installation of lead-free plumbing fixtures, faucets, and pipes to lower the lead content in drinking water that is harmful to health. If you own or have bought a house built before 1981, you probably have lead water pipes and should consider getting plumbing service experts for repiping with copper pipes.


Different plumbing pipes serve different purposes. Certified plumber contractors know the benefits and drawbacks of each and can walk you through all of them to help you select the best for your plumbing and drainage systems.

Copper is the right replacement for lead water service lines. Thus, if you don’t mind the high costs of copper pipes for your new construction or the replacement of the old water lines in your home, you should not shy away from them because they have numerous benefits. Remember going for cheaper plumbing options will not only be costly in the future but also leave you with devastating health effects.

Need Help Selecting Plumbing Pipes?

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