Don’t Get Scammed When Hiring A Plumber! Here Are The Most Common Scams You Should Know About | Denton, TX

Don’t Get Scammed When Hiring A Plumber! Here Are The Most Common Scams You Should Know About | Denton, TX

When you want to hire a plumber to fix your plumbing issues, you must be careful to avoid falling prey to scammers. Rogue technicians run scams that will cost you money, time, and your plumbing system. A good plumber should be upfront about their work and prices without misleading you. So, how do you figure out the contractor you are dealing with will scam you? Well, it shouldn’t be hard, and you can easily determine if you are working with the right technician or not. Here are the common plumbing scams you should know.

Elusive Quotes

A home’s plumbing system is complicated, and an expert can’t estimate the cost of a task accurately before inspecting the situation. The technician has to do a detailed inspection to give an accurate estimate. However, most professionals still manage to provide homeowners with an estimated cost regarding the booked service.

If the plumber you have contacted is proving elusive estimates, it can signal something is incorrect. Therefore, you must avoid working with a technician who doesn’t provide a clear and detailed estimate. Instead, insist on a detailed quote over the email or hard copy. If you work with a technician who offers elusive estimates, you will spend a lot of cash to have minor problems fixed.

Insisting too Much on Cash Payment Only

Anyone insisting on cash payments is up to something, especially if they don’t offer a receipt or invoice for their work. Most of the time, a cash-only technician is dodging taxes but will otherwise do some good work. In the worst-case scenario, maybe they are not unlicensed or unlicensed hence the need for cash payments only. If the task goes wrong, it will be hard to repair the damage or get a refund.

Also, be aware of any plumber in Denton, TX, who asks for a large up-front deposit. Most scammers ask for a large deposit upfront and then disappear. To many homeowners, paying 50 percent of a task in advance sounds like a good deal, so it is easy for a scammer to pass it off as normal. In most states, the law prohibits anyone from asking for more than 10 percent of the payment upfront. An honest professional will only ask for payment after the job is done to your satisfaction.

Don’t buy excuses from any contractor who claims they need cash to purchase supplies or they worry because they have been lied to before by clients.

Giving False Promises

Any homeowner would be more than happy to pay a high price for a high-quality plumbing product that will serve them for decades. Few know which fittings, pipes, fixtures, and plumbing products are high-quality. A scammer can easily take advantage if you are not conversant with plumbing products. For instance, you may want them to install quality PEX pipes, but instead, they end up installing inferior pipes and pocket some money.

To ensure you get what you pay, ask your technician for a list of the parts they plan to use in your project. Take the list to a hardware store or plumbing and compare the prices. It is good for a plumber to make some profit, but the charge is higher than supposed; ask them questions. If the task is already done, compare the products listed on the invoice with what has been installed. If what is in the invoice does not match what is installed, call them to find out why.

Affluence Fees

Plumbers are flexible, and they don’t have fixed hourly rates. However, they can take this to their advantage when charging you for all the issues they encounter in your home. If your home in Denton, TX, is comfy, you have a car, or you are wealthy, it is easy for a technician to assume that you will be okay paying extra than an average client.

As long as the job is done right, this rate may not seem like a scam, but it can cost you a lot. Some experts take advantage and charge you double when they think you can afford it. To avoid this, a little shopping can save you. Before you commit to a plumber, ask at least two or three to do an inspection and offer an estimate. If you notice any rate dramatically higher than others, that should ring a bell.

Not Providing You Enough Information

A professional plumber from a licensed and certified plumbing company will never hesitate to offer you details, including the license plate, proof of insurance, and other details that prove their accreditation. If a technician is uncomfortable providing these details, don’t hire them for any task. The expert should be registered, licensed, and certified. Therefore, check if they are insured or certified before they start the job.

Bringing too Many Experts for a Simple Job

Here is another common plumbing scam most homeowners don’t realize until it’s too late. It starts with one expert, then two or more show up later. There is nothing wrong with having an assistant doing legitimate work, but when the number exceeds, you should be worried. Sometimes technicians can bring extra workers, claiming the task requires more labor. When the labor increases, you know what it means for your wallet.

Don’t hesitate to ask the main plumber why more workforce is needed and get details about every technician’s job. Ensure the work is done under the estimate so you don’t lose money.

Homeowners know that plumbing expenses are costly and pay a lot for high-quality products and materials to keep their plumbing in good condition for years. To avoid being scammed, hire the services of bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas in Denton, TX, for legitimate services. We are a trusted, certified, licensed plumbing company that can fix any issue without giving false promises or wrong estimates. Call us today, and we will do any plumbing task to your satisfaction.

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