5 Things To Consider Before A Water Heater Installation | Richardson, TX

5 Things To Consider Before A Water Heater Installation | Richardson, TX

Your water heater is one of the most essential appliances in your home because it provides hot water when you need it. If your water heater isn’t functioning correctly, simple tasks like showering, cleaning, and cooking can be challenging and even impossible.

The average lifespan of a tank water heater is eight to 12 years. When the unit reaches the end of its lifespan, it won’t function correctly, affecting the unit’s ability to heat the water. Also, old water heaters can affect the water’s quality or could cause a significant flood in your home.

When it’s time to replace the water heater, there are several things you need to consider, and there are a few ways a professional in water heater installation in Richardson, TX, can help.

#1 Choosing the Right Kind of Water Heater

The first decision you need to make before a water heater installation is the type of unit that will benefit your family the most. There are two main types of water heaters, traditional tank units, and tankless units, and each type has benefits and downsides.

Traditional water heaters have a large tank, and the water fills the tank where it’s heated, so you have hot water when you need it. Tank water heaters are less expensive than tankless models, and the installation cost is also cheaper. One of the downsides of tank units is that you can run out of hot water. If you use too much hot water too quickly, you’ll deplete the hot water supply and have to wait a few hours for the tank to refill and heat. Another downside is that tank units run several times daily to ensure the water supply stays hot, consuming a lot of energy. Finally, if the tank cracks, the water in the tank can flood your home, causing significant water damage. A professional in water heater installation can go over the pros and cons of tank units, helping you decide if this is the best type for your family.

Tankless models are more expensive and are more costly to install. These units don’t store water and kick on when someone turns on a hot water tap, saving a significant amount of money on your energy bills, and eliminating the flood risk. Tankless models may be more expensive, but they cost less to run. You also won’t need to worry about running out of hot water because tankless models provide hot water on demand, and the average lifespan is twice as long as a traditional tank unit. Finally, tankless units are about the size of a suitcase and can be hung on an interior or exterior wall, taking up much less space than a tank unit.

If you aren’t sure which type of water heater is best for your family, a professional in water heater installation in Richardson, TX, can give you the information necessary to help you make an informed decision.

#2 Choosing the Right Size

If you decide to install a traditional tank water heater, you’ll have to choose the right size. If you buy a unit and the tank isn’t big enough to store enough hot water to meet your family’s demand, you’ll run out of hot water frequently. Choosing a unit that’s too large for the hot water demand will consume a significant amount of energy heating water you don’t need.

It’s best to speak to a professional in water heater installation in Richardson, TX, before deciding. On average, a family of one to three can go with a 40 to 50-gallon tank. And a 50 to 75-gallon tank will work for a family of four or more. This is just a guide, and a water heater installation professional can give you more information, ensuring you choose the best size unit to meet your family’s hot water demand.

#3 Energy Consumption

The amount of energy the unit will consume is an essential factor to consider before a water heater installation. You want to choose the most energy-efficient unit because it will save money on your energy bills throughout the unit’s lifespan.

Tankless models only turn on when someone turns on a hot water tap and are the most energy-efficient option. If you don’t have money in your budget for a tankless unit, you’ll want to choose the most energy-efficient tank unit, and it’s best to get advice from a professional in water heater installation. Most plumbers have installed various types of water heaters during their careers and will know which models are best when it comes to energy consumption.

#4 How Long Will the Installation Take?

You’ll need to know how long it will take to install the water heater to know how long it will be until you have hot water again. The average installation time for tank units is between three and four hours, regardless of the size. Tankless units can take longer to install, and a licensed plumber can give you an estimated completion time before they start the job.

#5 What Do I Do with My Old Water Heater

When the new water heater is installed, you’ll need to get rid of the old water heater, and you may not know what to do. Most plumbers will either dispose of the old water heater for free, and some will add the cost of disposal to the bill. You’ll need to speak with the plumber installing the water heater and ask about their disposal policy.

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