Guide To The Maintenance Requirements Of Rheem Tankless Water Heaters | Carrollton, TX

Guide To The Maintenance Requirements Of Rheem Tankless Water Heaters | Carrollton, TX

Many residents utilize tankless water heaters as a source of hot water. If you’ve got a tankless heater, you’re likely used to the comfort and convenience of on-demand hot water. However, instant hot water heaters can experience trouble if improperly maintained, just like any other regularly used home appliance. If your water heater is in need of maintenance or repair, the most common symptom will be a lack of hot water.

Common Causes of Water Temperature Issues

The first step towards fixing a hot water heater is to identify the problem. Rheem tankless water heaters can sometimes be completely devoid of any hot water output. If this is the case, you will need to check your electrical box to confirm the power supply, and also check whether the circuit breaker it’s attached to has tripped.

Although tankless water heaters are efficient, they can demand quite a lot of power, especially if you’ve got a larger model that’s regularly in use. In many cases, a quick inspection of the power supply components will identify the cause. Often, a lack of power has a simple fix, such as resetting the circuit breaker. Gas-powered Rheem tankless water heaters may have a closed gas valve that is preventing the pilot light from igniting. Check to see if this has been closed incorrectly. Also, make sure the pilot light remains lit. Condensation and debris around the burner may cause ignition issues.

Faulty sensors, wiring, fuses and burned out electrical components can cause a complete lack of hot water.

You may find that your water heater is producing some, but not enough, hot water at the desired temperature. You might also note that water isn’t getting hot enough, despite the thermostat being set correctly. Inappropriately sized Rheem tankless water heaters can result in these symptoms; if your hot water usage exceeds the capabilities of the installed unit. Flow rates vary between models, so it’s important to make the right choice when looking to install a water heater in your Carrollton, TX, home.

The Professional Classic series offers a range of water heaters with flow rates between 0.9 GPM at the lower end and up to 8.8 GPM at the higher end. To calculate the GPM your home requires, add up the GPM for each appliance you expect to be able to use simultaneously. If you need access to hot water to run a bath while the washing machine is on, for example, you will need Rheem tankless water heaters capable of up to 5.5 GPM.

To compensate for low water temperature issues caused by simultaneous hot water usage, you can do one of the following:

  1. Upgrade your water heater to one with a higher flow rate
  2. Adjust your hot water consumption

If looking to reduce hot water consumption, you can get a professional plumber to install low-flow adaptors on faucets and shower heads. You may also be able to save hot water consumption by taking shorter showers. If issues with temperature are not resolved by reducing hot water consumption, there might be an issue with the heating element or the thermostat. These failed components are easy to replace.

Mineral deposits may also affect Rheem tankless water heaters. Despite not having a tank to collect these mineral deposits, the hard water found in Carrollton, TX, still affects the valves and pipes leading to the unit. If these are clogged by minerals, you’ll need to arrange to remove the build-up to restore your unit’s designed water heating capacity.

  • Mineral Buildup. You should be aware of mineral buildup in your water heater. Hard water can cause clogging in pipes and valve interiors, through calcium, magnesium, or limescale build-up. Installing and maintaining a new water filter can help to address this problem. Water filters are designed to collect any mineral deposits and prevent them from blocking the heat exchanger within Rheem tankless water heaters. To remove the buildup, you can also use a descaling solution.
  • System overload. You could be using too much hot water and overloading the hot water heater. Check this by using less hot water to see if it makes any difference to water temperature and availability. You can either replace your water heater with one that is larger or reduce the amount of hot water you use simultaneously each day.
  • Exhaust blockage. Your hot water heater must vent pressure and air out of the combustion chamber. Blockage in the exhaust and venting systems of Rheem tankless water heaters can cause them to stop working. To make sure that the vent is clear of debris, check the outside vent.
  • Electronic error codes. Rheem water heaters may display various error codes. Their website has information on how to find the error code. Sometimes, resetting the internal computer will clear erroneous errors. Check the instruction manual for guidance. Alternatively employ an experienced, licensed technician familiar with Rheem water heaters.

Preventative Maintenance Guidelines:

To prevent issues with water temperature, the following maintenance timeline is recommended.

Every 12 months: Clean the burners and air passages surrounding the unit. Rheem tankless water heaters require special vents to redirect hot exhaust gas to the exterior of your home, where it can safely dissipate. Water heaters stored indoors can vent through roofs or side walls. Check all vents for a build-up of debris and remove accordingly.

Every 12-18 months: Descale the water heater to remove mineral deposits and help the water heater to remain in good condition. You can use a simple white vinegar solution to clean tankless water heaters when the time comes. How often you need to descale depends on water hardness and how often the water heater is used.

To take advantage of their high-efficiency performance and monthly energy bill savings, you need to keep Rheem tankless water heaters in top condition. Technicians at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas serve Carrollton, TX, with a variety of water heater services. We can assist you with a proper schedule that matches the intensity of your unit’s maintenance needs. Call 24/7 to discuss your immediate requirements.

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