DIY Drain Cleaning Can Be a No-Go – Here’s Why

DIY Drain Cleaning Can Be a No-Go – Here’s Why

Your drain is clogged once again. You turn on the water in your bathroom sink and are greeted by nothing but a backup. We’ve all stumbled across the blogs online and the drain cleaning commercials; they make clogged drains seem so simple. Unfortunately, most DIY drain cleaning solutions are ineffective. They inspire hope in budget-savvy homeowners, but in reality, these do-it-yourself methods fall short. The simplest, most effective drain cleaning method is a phone call away. Let the experts handle your drain cleaning needs. It’s guaranteed you’ll receive fantastic service!
The Woes of Chemical Drain Cleaners
The companies that make and sell chemical drain cleaners are trying to make money. They’re a business. Unfortunately, what they refuse to tell consumers is that the chemicals in their products are harmful to your plumbing system. It doesn’t matter if the bottle says the product is “safe on pipes.” On the back, there is a warning in small print. You should consider reading the entire bottle before putting in your shopping cart.

Most often, these chemicals will eat away at the pipe. They cause rust and corrosion. If you’re insistent on using chemical cleaners for your plumbing, then look for an all-natural enzymatic product instead. These use natural enzymes to break up organic clogs and bacteria found in your home’s plumbing. The downside, however, is that natural enzymes are not tough enough for serious clogs.

Baking Soda and Vinegar
Perhaps one of the most common DIY drain cleaning solutions, baking soda and vinegar, has long been touted as the go-to method for homeowners. In reality, it’s a farce. When you combine baking soda and vinegar, it creates a fizzy, bubbling concoction that is said to remove built-up debris on the interior pipe walls. Unfortunately, neither are capable of destroying fat, oil, or grease, which are some of the most common blockages around. Baking soda and vinegar are simply not strong enough to get the job done.

In all actuality, hot water does a better job at cleaning your drains than baking soda and vinegar. You’ll notice that, when a blog tells you to use baking soda and vinegar, they always follow up with hot water. It’s the hot water doing all of the work.

Professional Drain Cleaning Benefits
Now, you can see for yourself why DIY drain cleaning is not the right approach. Instead, consider scheduling professional drain cleaning. Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy by doing so:
Reduced Blockages
Not just your current blockage, but all blockages. By scheduling professional drain cleaning, you’re taking a proactive approach to the well-being of your drainage system. The plumber you choose will use the best tools and techniques, thereby ensuring your system is free and clear and does not endure any serious blockages anytime soon.
Fewer Odors
When you have a serious drainage clog, it can smell quite foul. That’s the sewer gases that cannot escape down the drain. Professional service will help eliminate these odors once and for all.
Cleaner Environment
A lot of harmful bacteria can grow in your plumbing. If the line is clogged, that bacteria has nowhere to go but back up into the sink. Your health is at risk, but not when you schedule regular drain cleaning services.

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