Being Proactive For Winter Plumbing Issues Means Having An Emergency Plumber On Standby | Irving, TX

Being Proactive For Winter Plumbing Issues Means Having An Emergency Plumber On Standby | Irving, TX

In summer, home parties and celebrations are notorious for causing various household plumbing emergencies. However, things are different in winter. The plumbing emergencies mainly result from the freezing temperatures. For various plumbing companies, winter and summer are the busiest seasons of every year. However, you can take proactive plumbing maintenance to avoid calling an emergency plumber just because of a plumbing emergency.

Reliable plumbers can help you avoid winter plumbing emergencies by winterizing your plumbing. This may be insulating them, heating them, or even offering you advice on the best plumbing practices in winter. The professionals can also help address the winter plumbing issues, such as thawing the frozen pipes.

The primary goal of the plumbers during winter is to ensure that you have a continuous water inflow to your Irving, TX home and waste outflow into the main municipal sewer. Hence, they leave nothing to chance when preparing your plumbing for winter. Unfortunately, winter plumbing emergencies might still arise even with your meticulous preparation. Below are some of the winter plumbing emergencies and what our emergency plumbers can do to ensure your life doesn’t take a toll.

Frozen Pipes

The unprotected piping can quickly freeze whenever the outside temperatures drop into single and teen digits. This prevents the flow of clean water into your home or wastewater onto the septic tank or sewer system. Fortunately, this emergency plumbing issue can be averted by hiring a plumber to insulate the exposed piping at your home. This ensures that the heat contained in the incoming or outgoing water doesn’t escape, allowing the water to remain in a liquid state.

Although you can purchase any material needed to complete the pipe insulation at a hardware store near you, DIY plumbing might result in unintended and catastrophic consequences. Because the freezing water within the pipes might make the pipes burst, you are advised to let a plumber complete the insulation. If the pipes burst because you did a shoddy DIY job, you will have lost the money and have to hire an emergency plumber to resolve the issue.

Water Heater Malfunction

Showing under cool water might be bearable and refreshing during the summer months. However, that suddenly changes during the winter months. It turns into a miserable experience that is unbearable. This is where your water heater unit plays a critical role. You want the unit to function efficiently to ensure that your home has enough hot water for almost every indoor activity.

Unfortunately, like any other plumbing emergency, the water heater might fail or even malfunction during winter, when you need it most. It is a common occurrence. This might be because one of the components is damaged or due to aging. A water heater is supposed to serve you for at least a decade. If the tank-based water heater has served you for ten years and has frequently been malfunctioning, you should have a plumber replace it before winter. The same applies to a tankless water heater that has served you for over 23 years.

Regardless of the failure, a malfunctioning water heater during summer requires the attention of a professional emergency plumber. Otherwise, always take a proactive approach and have the unit inspected and serviced by a water heater repair professional before the onset of winter. If it is nearing the end of its service life, schedule a replacement service with your reliable and trusted plumber.

Leaking Water Lines

When it is freezing outside, the aged pipes might develop leakages caused by homes or splitting. Mainly, this is prone to happen if the pipes are not insulated adequately. It might also arise if the piping contains minor deteriorations that weren’t detected and resolved during the warmer months. A thorough plumbing inspection before winter is the best way to avoid pipe leakages.

The plumber will be able to identify the red flags within the water lines and provide the necessary repairs to ensure that the piping remains intact through winter. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself looking for an emergency plumber during the freezing winter because the water lines are leaking, and the water isn’t reaching your Irving, TX home at the required pressure.

Clogged Drains

Clogged drains might be another reason you might find yourself looking for an emergency plumber in winter. Since most family members are indoors, a lot of cooking happens. Grease, oils, potato peels, and fats might find their way into the drains. Further, since the toddlers are most likely playing inside your home, they might throw their toys down the drains, resulting in a clog down the drains. Luckily, by avoiding throwing alien materials down the drains, you can steer clear of this plumbing issue.

Frozen Septic Tank or Sewer Lines

If the ground surrounding the sewer line or septic tank freezes, the wastes and wastewater within might also start freezing. This might result in a plumbing emergency because the wastes will gradually expand as it freezes. With time, the wastes excessively expand, so the sewer lines or the septic tank burst.

Homeowners are advised to have a plumber pump their septic tank before winter to avert this issue. This is also a great time to thoroughly inspect the sewer lines and the septic system if it has been exhibiting some minor issues in the past. Otherwise, you might have to call an emergency plumber to repair the ruptured sewer lines or a burst septic tank.

Basement Flooding Because of the Melting Snow

The melting might result in flooding the basements whenever the temperatures warm up after a huge accumulation of ice/snow. This is contributed by poor drainage and the presence of foundational cracks. Flooding is a major plumbing issue, and owing to the damages that it might occasion, you might need to call an emergency plumber to address it.

However, you can have the plumber install a sump pump to remove any water accumulating in the basement. If you already have one, have it comprehensively inspected before winter kicks in. Never leave anything to chance when it comes to your plumbing. This is because a slight misstep might result in a plumbing emergency.

Plumbing emergencies can arise at any season, including winter, resulting in massive losses. Hence, you should take a proactive stance to safeguard yourself against them. Do you want to protect your plumbing against winter emergency plumbing issues? Or are you experiencing either of the above at your Irving, TX home? Don’t hesitate to call our emergency plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas.

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