Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Issues Your Plumbing Service Can Address | Carrollton, TX

Common Swimming Pool Plumbing Issues Your Plumbing Service Can Address | Carrollton, TX

Do you have a swimming pool at your home? That is a statement of ultimate comfort. Nothing will ever beat jumping into your swimming pool on a summer day in Carrollton, TX. Besides its cooling effect, a pool is a plumbing fixture that can give you relaxation during the hot summer season. Unfortunately, like all other plumbing fixtures, the swimming pool might also have a problem. Although sometimes the problem can be resolved by a simple DIY fix such as correcting a chemical imbalance, DIY plumbing works are not recommended.

You are advised to call a professional plumbing service whenever your swimming pool runs into an issue. The professionals have the experience, the right plumbing tools, and the know-how to complete the fix promptly and seamlessly. But what are the plumbing issues that your pool might sustain? Below are some of the swimming pool plumbing issues that might require you to enlist the help of a plumber.

Common Pool Plumbing Issues

Here is a look at some future swimming pool issues you might face. The plumbing issues can affect both in-ground and above-ground swimming pool plumbing fixtures.

Swimming Pool Pump Issues

The first pool plumbing issue that we’ll consider is pump problems. Sometimes, the air might be caught inside the circulatory system of your swimming pool. The unit cannot move water whenever air enters the swimming pool pump. This means that the pump system will also be unable to filter the water. Hence, the water entering your pool will be dirty and cloudy. Whenever this happens, things might get progressively worse. Hence, homeowners are advised to hire a plumber for a routine inspection of the swimming pool pump to ensure that it is optimally operating.

When homeowners allow the air into the pool’s circulatory system, it might end up overworking the entire system, making the pump stop and overheat, prompting a replacement. Worse, your swimming pool’s filter tank might burst due to pressure buildup. Unfortunately, hiring a plumbing service in Carrollton, TX, to fix burst pumps can prove costly. Further, it might be dangerous, especially when people are inside the swimming pools.

Filter Pressure Changes

For the safety of your swimming pool, the swimming pool filter must be properly working. However, there might be a variation in water pressure that might result in unsafe water conditions. A decrease in the filter pressure can be caused by trapped air, clogs, or using a wrong pool valve setting. On the other hand, an increase in the filter pressure might arise if algae, dirt, or any other debris is blocking the swimming pool’s filter. Fortunately, you can hire a plumbing service provider to inspect the pool filter and for routine pool cleaning. This ensures that the pool filter pressure remains constant.

Swimming Pool Plumbing Leaks

This is probably the biggest fear of any swimming pool owner. Whenever a leakage arises, it wastes water as it seeps underground and might even damage the swimming pool entirely. The wastage of water results in high water utility bills, which might affect your finances. This is also a problem because of water restrictions during drought.

For this reason, homeowners are advised to enlist the help of a professional plumbing service for regular inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of their swimming pool. That minor leakage might worsen and become a huge issue. If left unattended, the leakage might grow larger, resulting in a need to hire a plumbing service provider to replace the drain, repair the under-the-ground pool plumbing, and replace the above-ground pool plumbing systems. There are several kinds of leakages that might result in pool plumbing issues. They include:

Suction Side Leaks

The leakages on the suction side will usually pool the air into the pipes whenever the swimming pool pump is turned on and usually leaks the water whenever it is off. In most cases, the issue arises in the threaded PVC fittings that screw into the front side of the pump. Although you may patch the leak using swimming pool putty or silicone for a temporary repair, calling a plumber who can cut the affected sections and replace the fitting and pipes is the best way to deal with this issue.

Pressure Side Leaks

The swimming pool equipment like heater, filter, pump, or chlorinator can all spring water leaks. In most cases, this is because of leakages in the fittings and pies connecting the swimming pool and other pool equipment. However, the common plumbing leakages on the pressure side are threaded or glue joints where the female and male connections of the PVC pipes are made. The pressure side swimming pool leak repairs can’t effectively be fixed from the outside or inside. Hence, it is best to have a plumbing service provider cut out the affected section and replace the swimming pool equipment.

Underground Leaks

During winter, the underground swimming pipes freeze and develop hairline fractures that might cause spring leaks. The underground pipes might also be damaged by settling decks, tree roots, and shifting soils. Whenever you suspect that you might be suffering from an underground leakage, enlist the assistance of a plumbing service provider in Carrollton, TX, to fix the issue. They will inspect the underground pipes using leakage detection tools and cameras to grasp the problems entirely.

Dust and Debris Buildup

The other plumbing issue that might affect your swimming pool plumbing is a buildup of debris and dirt. While most homeowners only think of debris and dirt in a swimming pool as an unsightly look, much accumulation of debris and dirt might result in swimming pool plumbing issues. Whenever debris and dirt enter the swimming pool’s filtration system, it might result in a clog.

Additionally, the smaller debris and dirt pieces might make their way into the swimming pool’s plumbing covers and valves, allowing the air to enter the system and resulting in pump issues. Plumbing service providers advise you to regularly skim the swimming pool using a pool net to eliminate debris. Additionally, showering before entering the swimming pool can help avert damage-causing buildup.

Are you experiencing pool plumbing issues? Our plumbers at bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas have your back from inspection, leakage detection, replacements, and complete repairs. Call us for any questions or plumbing service needs for your home’s swimming pool.

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