You Should Always Use A Professional Plumber For Plumbing Renovations And Upgrades | Denton, TX

You Should Always Use A Professional Plumber For Plumbing Renovations And Upgrades | Denton, TX

Are you installing a new plumbing appliance or planning to renovate your bathroom or kitchen? We recommend calling a plumber in Denton, TX, to ensure the task is properly carried out. A plumber can also provide you with the best recommendations on which appliances to purchase for your home. Read this article to know when to call a professional for upgrades in your plumbing and why you need to only work with a licensed plumber in the area.

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Plumbing

Do you live in an old home? If you do, chances are you may still have old piping materials installed, and you need to upgrade that if you want a more efficient plumbing system. Older homes may also still have galvanized pipes which are more susceptible to damage. If you’re not sure about the type of pipe materials in your home, we suggest calling a professional in Denton, TX, so they can check it for you. Our plumbing experts can also evaluate your plumbing system and recommend whether you need a plumbing upgrade or not. Below are other signs that you need an upgrade:

Low Water Pressure

This is a bad sign and may indicate a leak in your plumbing. When you’re getting another sign such as a skyrocketing water bill, then it’s highly likely that there is a leak somewhere in your plumbing. It’s best to call a plumber right away for professional leak detection.

In some cases, the low water pressure could just be a sign that you need to contact a plumber for an upgrade. It’s possible that your plumbing system may not have been planned correctly. It’s better to get help from a professional to help you make an informed decision. Don’t worry, all of our plumbing experts are highly trained and experienced; we can definitely help you fix your plumbing problem. Just get in touch with us anytime and we’ll quickly dispatch a professional to your location.

Discolored Water

Although this doesn’t always mean the water is contaminated, we suggest you still get in touch with a plumber for an inspection. A professional can better diagnose the problem and provide you with a better solution. This could just be due to old piping materials and all you need is to upgrade your pipes. Consider replacing old pipes with either PVC or copper as they are less susceptible to rust and damage. For installation, please make sure to only speak with a licensed plumber.

Inefficient Appliances

How old are your plumbing appliances? If they’re beyond their service life, we suggest getting a replacement. Remember, old and inefficient appliances consume more energy, leading to getting higher bills every month. Should you decide to get another set of appliances, we suggest buying ENERGY STAR appliances to conserve more energy and save money. The only downside to this is that these appliances are usually more expensive but you do get to save money in the long run. For installation, again, only hire a licensed plumber. Some manufacturers may also require professional installation to keep the warranty.

To maximize your savings, consider replacing regular toilets and showerheads with dual flush or low-flow toilets and low-flow showerheads. These fixtures are designed to dispense less water, helping you save more money.

Basement Upgrade

For homeowners that live in flood-prone areas and have a basement, consider getting a sump pump as an upgrade. This device can help prevent basement flooding. However, you will need to also make sure they’re still working — test the sump pump before a coming storm to ensure they still work. Don’t forget to also properly maintain the unit so that they last several years.

Old Water Heater

Are you still using a tank-type water heater? How long have you been using it? Tank-type water heaters can last up to 10 years when properly maintained. And part of the maintenance is to drain the water heater to remove the sediment buildup. A well-maintained water heater is more efficient and lasts longer too. However, if your first priority is to conserve more energy, we suggest switching to tankless water heaters. Below are the benefits of replacing your old water heater with an energy-efficient unit.

No standby heat loss – A tankless water heater only uses energy when you actually turn on the shower or the faucet, which means there’s no standby heat loss. This lets you up your energy savings. The only disadvantage of buying an old water heater is that it’s more expensive but it does offer more benefits in return.

Last longer – Tired of buying a new water heater every 10 years? A tankless water heater can last up to 20 years, which means there’s no need to keep looking for another water heater every few years or so. The tank-type water heater also requires less maintenance and you don’t need to have a bigger space as you can just install it on the bathroom wall.

Reduces leaks – Some homeowners decide to install a tank-type water heater because they’re worried about leaks. Because there’s no tank, there’s no need to worry about leaks in the basement. Call us if you’re ready to install one for your home.

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