Why Should You Consider Having A Plumber Do An Inspection When Buying An Old House? | Denton, TX

Why Should You Consider Having A Plumber Do An Inspection When Buying An Old House? | Denton, TX

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When buying an old house, you may come across several inherent issues that need an immediate solution. Faulty plumbing lines are the most insidious problems that homebuyers face.

Most houses built before the 1980s in Denton, TX, may have some hidden plumbing disasters that you might overlook in the first instance. They may be hidden leaks or visible water stains on the walls. If you ignore these issues, they may aggravate in the future.

Hence, call an experienced plumber to conduct a comprehensive plumbing inspection before you buy a charming old house.

What Plumbing Issues You May Find in Old Houses

From pipes running under the foundation to a malfunctioning water heater, plumbing issues may run deep in ancient houses. A professional plumbing inspector will check every point where a potential leak or damage may exist.

Water damages can be overly costly if ignored. On average, the cost of cleaning and repair water damages in an old house can go up to $4700, while the national average is around $2881.

Plumbing inspection by an expert plumber is a preventive measure to avoid such expenses. The most common issues you may uncover in these inspections are:

  • Drain Clogging: If your house was built several decades ago, you could expect a massive buildup of sewage, gunk, scum, etc., in the drains. Your plumber will inspect every drain to check if it runs smoothly.


  • Pipe Bellies: One of the most common plumbing issues in old houses is pipe bellies, happening when the house settles. Over time, the pipes bow and buckle, resulting in the entire pipework directing the water away from the main sewer line. It requires immediate repair by a professional before the problem worsens.


  • Tree Roots Intruding the Pipes: In many old houses, tree roots overgrow and intrude the sewer pipes causing clogs and backups.


  • Damaged Pipes: With time, metal pipes may start corroding and make water unsafe to drink or use inside your house. It happens explicitly with old zinc pipes, where the zinc coating erodes and exposes the iron layer. This iron layer rusts and starts buckling under the water pressure, damaging the pipes.

If any of these issues come up during the plumbing inspection, you need to take instant action and call a plumber.

Other reasons for scheduling a detailed examination of an old plumbing system are:

Essential for the Buying Process

According to local regulations in Denton, TX, when you buy a house older than 25 years, you have to conduct a full home inspection for appraisal and insurance purposes. Your homeowner’s policy may require this inspection as a qualification to buy standard plans.

Also, a mortgage lender will need a detailed home appraisal report to approve your funding to buy the property. Since the report includes the house’s complete conditions and value, schedule it with your local plumber instead of relying on the lender to set it up.

Possibility of Toxic Materials in the Plumbing Lines

Many old houses have outdated plumbing lines and systems comprising the materials that pose severe health risks. The piping system in your old house may have materials like galvanized steel, polybutylene, and lead. Polybutylene gets brittle when it comes in contact with disinfectants used in public water treatment systems. As a result, the pipes become prone to breaking and leaking, causing water damages throughout the house.

Similarly, zinc-coated galvanized steel pipes break and collapse over the years. It happens when the zinc coating starts eroding and interior walls corrode. It forms calcium deposits inside the pipes, which restricts the water flow and leads to burst pipes.

As you know, lead is the most toxic substance that can have severe repercussions on your children’s health if ingested. It can cause learning, hearing, and developmental disabilities in the kids. You can avoid all such issues by taking timely actions and calling a plumber for a detailed inspection before signing on the dotted lines.

Falling Water Pressure

Whether you are buying an old house or living in one, you need consistent water pressure throughout the day. But, it may not be so if there are mineral buildups and other deposits in your plumbing lines. This may happen commonly in older houses, due to which the water pressure decreases over time. However, it doesn’t end here.

The mineral buildups in the pipelines can result in chemical reactions and bacterial infestations throughout the property. You need to address the issue immediately by calling a plumber to check the water flow when it starts dipping.

The water flow may also fall in older houses due to a failing pressure regulator, unopened shutoff valve, or corroded pipes. If you act fast and smartly, you can save thousands of dollars down the road by controlling severe damages.

Faulty Sewer Lines Causing Bigger Problems

Old houses are prone to damaged sewer lines that become a menace if left unchecked. From transite pipes to clay sewer lines, cast iron pipes, or lead pipes, there may be any vulnerable system running under the hardwood floors of your house.

Most of these materials are dangerous and risky for your house and family’s health. A plumbing inspection involves checking the pipe materials and replacing these antiquated systems before they wear down or make someone sick.

These are some undeniable reasons to conduct an in-depth plumbing inspection when buying an old house. You can rely on a local plumber to look at them and rectify the issues at the right time, saving you thousands of dollars.

Call Local Plumbing Experts for an Inspection Immediately

When buying an old house you can call a plumber from bluefrog Plumbing + Drain of North Dallas for a detailed plumbing inspection. Our specialized team can handle any plumbing problem lurking behind the walls or beneath the floors of your home to make it livable and healthy. Call us today at 469-214-2582 to schedule an inspection.

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