Why Is a Broken Main Sewer Line Such a Huge Problem? | Tips from Your Denton, TX Plumber

Why Is a Broken Main Sewer Line Such a Huge Problem? | Tips from Your Denton, TX Plumber

Given its name, it should come as no surprise to learn that the main sewer line is used the channel the waste produced by an entire building into the main sewer. Due to this, it plays a critical role in the proper functioning of a sewer system, meaning that a problem with the main sewer line can have enormous consequences. This is particularly true because waste leakage can be even worse than conventional leakage, which is why Denton, TX residents should call for the assistance of reliable and reputable plumbers should they suspect that something is wrong.

What Are 3 Signs that You Might Have a Broken Main Sewer Line?

Here are 3 signs that Denton, TX residents might need to call in a professional for a broken main sewer line:

The Smell of Sewage

It is very common for people to pick up on the smell of sewage before they pick up on the sight of sewage. As a result, if residents notice such a smell on their property, they should look into it to see if they need to call in a professional.

It is interesting to note that the location of the smell can provide some useful insight into the exact nature of the problem, though said insight will not be perfect by any means. For example, the smell in the building could mean that there is some kind of blockage in the main sewer line that is causing the sewage gases to come out of the drains. In contrast, the smell being the strongest outside could mean that there is some kind of leak in the main sewer line that should be fixed as soon as possible.

Wet Spots Out in the Yard

Speaking of which, spotting waste leakage can be very difficult, which is why interested individuals might want to pay attention to wet spots in their yard that have no clear reasons for being wet. For instance, there is nothing unusual about a soggy patch if it has been raining outside. However, if there is a soggy patch surrounded by dry ground, that should be considered cause for suspicion. Something that is particularly true if residents also notice a particularly strong smell at said location.

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that a lot of broken main sewer lines are like this. Generally speaking, they are buried in the ground, thus keeping them both out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Moreover, the earth provides main sewer lines with a considerable measure of protection from the elements, which can be particularly important in places with harsher climates. However, being protected isn’t the same as being invulnerable, meaning that main sewer lines can still be affected by everything from aging to encroaching tree roots. The same factors that keep them out-of-sight and out-of-mind make it difficult to tell when something has gone wrong, thus making it that much more important that Denton, TX residents call in the professional plumbers when they feel that they have cause for suspicion.

Much More Frequent Clogging

It is perfectly natural for residents to encounter clogged drains from time to time. After all, most of us put things that can cause such clogs into our drains from time to time, which explains why this is such a common problem.

However, if interested individuals notice that their drains are getting clogged on a much more frequent basis than before, they should call for the professionals sooner rather than later. This is a warning sign that they have some kind of serious problem with their plumbing system, with a broken main sewer line being but one of the potential candidates. As such, having a professional on hand is critical for ensuring that the cause of the problem is determined in an effective and efficient manner for a swift resolution.

What Should You Do If You Have a Broken Main Sewer Line?

If you are a resident who has noticed a potential problem with your main sewer line, you should contact a professional for the best results as soon as possible. However, there is still the matter of choosing the right plumbers, which can have a very real effect on the ultimate outcome. Naturally, you want a professional that you can count on to provide you with nothing but the best, meaning that you should make a serious effort to screen your potential candidates.

Generally speaking, interested individuals should start by making sure that their choice of a professional has the right capabilities to tackle their particular problem. After which, they need to make sure that their choice of professional plumber has the capabilities that they are claiming to have. Part of this means checking in with the relevant licensing authorities in the local jurisdiction. However, part of this also means checking in with previous customers who have received similar services under similar circumstances from said plumbers, which is critical because they are the ones who provide you with the best insight into whether you can trust your choice of a professional or not. Although this kind of thoroughness can take up a fair amount of time and effort while you are under time pressure, it will be worth it by ensuring a better outcome from your plumbers than otherwise possible, thus sparing you from further loss should something go wrong with the plumbing repair process.

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